Friday, September 25, 2015

A Boring Day

Yesterday was another gorgeous day. There were both clouds and wind but we had our fair share of sunshine. The high got to 23.3C or 74F. This morning is cloudy and a warm 13C or 55F. We are suppose to have showers this morning and then it is to clear off and be nice. It did rain during the night much to our surprise. We normally hear it with the windows open.


Yesterday was boring. I folded laundry with the evil eye watching me.


According to his tail whapping like crazy, I was using up too much space. How could he wiggle around to get comfortable for his 4 hour nap.

After folding the laundry, I headed to the basement and did some clean up in the second bedroom. I folded all the foam sheets the cupboards were wrapped in and boxed them up for a friend to use when she moves. Two boxes of packing material are stored under the stairs.

Once done, I hunted around for another job and all I could do was sweep a bit of floor. Did that and put a coat of paint on the table. It and I are still fighting and it is winning. While I was doing that, the Spousal Unit had gone to buy more items for the apartment plus pick up the doors for the electrical panel.

In the afternoon, I had a hair appointment and while I was gone the Spousal Unit decided to deal with the bathroom fan. He has about half of the exhaust pipe in place. When I got home at 3:30, he called it a day and I started supper.


I worked on the second toque and am ready to start the earflaps. Grandson needs to try it on for fit. I also set up the first mitten for him. I will do the cuffs and then decide if I want to change the size of the needles for the hand part.

As I said, a boring day.

Today, the Spousal Unit needs to give blood and have a chest X-ray. Then we need to get a few groceries and home to work on the basement and pack.

Until tomorrow………………………..

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