Monday, August 24, 2015

Under the Weather and the Smoke

It was an unusual day weather wise yesterday. It was warm at 27.7C or 82F. It was also very smoky which wasn’t the most pleasant condition. This morning it is 14C or 58F. The smoke lifted some but I am sure it will be thick again today. They say it is partly cloudy out there but I am sure it is just smoky. The sun is trying to burn its way through the smoke.


I was under the weather yesterday. When we got home from grocery shopping, I felt almost sick. The cause was from being overheated the day before and from the accumulation of several other times I have had this happen since mid May. My body rebelled leaving me feeling like a mess. Hence, I did very little in the afternoon.

When we woke up yesterday, you could see the smoke from the US/Canada fires at the top of the hills around Kamloops. As the day went on, the smoke got thicker and thicker. They said we had a 5 km visibility which is about 3 miles. I think less as we couldn’t see very far.


This shot looks west and we couldn’t see anything past the trees less than .5 km from us. Looking north, we usually see hills and houses but this was our view.


The air smelled of smoke and it made my eyes water and throat sore (allergies). This was the worst smoke we have had all summer. We had one other day of smoke but it wasn’t as strong or thick as this one.

I had an issue with my iPhone yesterday, the first since I bought it. I took it out of my purse to a black screen. I couldn’t get it to work. I spent a good 40 minutes trying a list of things I googled on the internet. In the end, I had to hold one button down for a good 20 seconds before it started. I guess the latest update does that to some of the phones. What an annoyance especially when you aren’t feeling well. At one point I thought it would have to be replaced.

After lunch, I got out my knitting to see how often I could unknit the mitt I am working on.


I think I made every mistake known. First I put the thumb waste yarn too low.  Next I didn’t change needles for the hand part of the mitten. Knit, rip it out, knit, rip it out. All is correct and I am knitting away to decrease the top. My trusty helper watched me, got bored and had a sleep.


Putting his paw through the handle makes the bag his. Or at least that is what he thinks. He does love my knitting bag; to the point he will try to sleep in it.

The Spousal Unit decided he was going to haul rock from the back to the front and he got quite a bit done. I went out for a few minutes to admire his work.


And to photograph a grasshopper. There are plenty of them around due to the hot dry summer weather.


Today, I am going to scrub walls in the basement. I would also like to paint the ceiling in the next area I am working on. We are going to BBQ a roast today also so that will take up a bit of my time. It has been marinating in the fridge for nearly 20 hours now.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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  1. Hope you are feeling better today. No fun being sick. Cute that Elliott loves your knitting bag. The fires are so plentiful this summer. I watch the news from that area and it's really bad. All areas really need some rain. I am busy sewing for an upcoming trip so that keeps me occupied. Have to grocery shop today.