Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tree Removal Day

Yesterday was cloudy, cool and a bit windy. The high got to 21.7C or 71F. We started to whine about the cool but stopped. We need a day like this once in a while. I read that it snowed in Calgary, Jasper, Banff, and a small community south of Hinton. That made light showers and cooler temperatures like a warm summer day. This morning it is 8.8C or 48F and the sun is shining.


We got up and ready early yesterday morning. As we were starting to cook breakfast the tree remover arrived. It was 7:05 a.m. Early and eager to go. We did the walk around and then headed in to eat breakfast. Less than 20 minutes later, the apple trees were gone.


The owner of the company had cleaned up most of the mess and we were really surprised. While that was happening one of his workers was taking off the limbs of the spruce tree.


The sun shone and the wind stopped blowing while this was done. Nice for him as he could put the limbs down where he wanted them.

The Spousal Unit held the rope tied to the tree while the young guys build a nest of branches to drop the blocks onto.


And the top of tree was cut off and stacked in our carport.


The next time I looked the tree was at this stage and the guy was cleaning out the gutters.


There were thousands upon thousands of cones on that tree.


One of the young men helped me in the front of the house as I couldn’t prune a lilac with the pruners the Spousal Unit gave me. He cut back the neighbour’s lilac bush so it isn’t hanging into our yard. We cleaned up the mess and he raked and fussed around until it looks like this.


It is ready for us to finish up which may even include a new piece of fence. We love that clean spot. Once done, we headed around to watch the last of the spruce tree dropped to the ground.




By 10 a.m., everything was cleaned up and they were gone to the next job. It was amazing to watch this team of 4 people take down the trees. The pile of branches by the stump is from a lilac bush that the Spousal Unit cleaned up after wards. We have another small area to level and prepare for the garbage cans to reside.


After the excitement of the tree removal, I decided to wash the walls of the sewing room. That room was dusty and had been painted recently. The previous colour was the same as the orange in the basement.


There is a bit of patching and sanding to be done, the baseboard and mouldings removed, and the room primed before I paint it. But, it is clean!! It smells clean!! And it was done before noon. I did something for me!! I wasn’t tired at all.

The afternoon was spent getting several items we needed. Once done, we decided to admire what was done during the day. In the evening, I got a text from Daughter. She was bucked off a horse and was at emergency waiting to see the doctor about swollen and very sore hand. They wrapped her up to her elbow and she has to return in 10 days for X-rays. Son has been posting pictures of the sunsets in the part of Uruguay they are visiting. It seems like they are enjoying their visit.

Today, I am putting up plastic to seal off the downstairs kitchen and sanding the walls. Once that dirty job is done and one wall is scrubbed, I hope to paint some trim and baseboard another coat of paint. The first coat left me unhappy. The afternoon is dedicated to buying a new stove and fridge for the downstairs kitchen. What I want is on sale with free delivery.

Until tomorrow…………………

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