Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Couch Ate the Remote

Yesterday had a bit more cloud but it got warmer quicker. The low temperature in the morning was 15C or 59F. The high got to 31.7C or 89F. About 4:30 p.m. it started to rain and it was a hot rain. Suddenly there was a 30 second down pour and it was still hot. When we got the second down pour about 10 minutes later, it started to cool off. It rained until late into the evening.



I got a great question yesterday. Do we see the mountains to the east and west of us? We live in an area called the Thompson Plateau. It is full of rivers and lakes, many of which have very steep sides to get up to the flatter parts.  In Ashcroft we lived at the bottom of the river valley. You drove up about 500 feet to the farming land and the Trans Canada Highway. In Kamloops we live where the rivers meet (which Kamloops means) so are in a larger flat lower area though a 10 minute drive has you going up in elevation. When we get up higher, we can see the Cascade Mountains to the west of us. We do not see the Rockies though as they are farther to the east plus there are mountain ranges between us and them.


When we travel, we actually go through mountain ranges. When you head to Vancouver via the Fraser Canyon and Coquihalla, you are going through part of the Cascade Mountain Range. To get to Kelowna via the Coquihalla, you actually go through the Highlands. To see the Rockies, you have to drive 4 hours north or 4 hours east of us. BC is an interesting province geographically.


Yesterday morning, we headed out for paint and the paint supplies. We came home and started working. I got the fireplace painted before lunch.


We both actually hated it while I was painting but it grew on us at the end. We like the softness of the colour. It was a lot of work as the brick is rough and the mortar was unpainted. I was happy to be done with that job and don’t think I want to paint another fireplace in the near future. 

During my break, I helped put the new saw on the stand (Spousal Unit’s birthday present).


He’s dreaming of putting crown moulding up in this house. I am going to contain him to the living room and our bedroom.

After lunch, I sanded the fireplace mantle. It is made from cedar and had been sanded and stained. But, it looked horrid as the stain was blotchy and funny looking. I got the first coat of paint on it.


We finished up the day cleaning up our areas in the basement. I also got my next area ready to scrub and paint.


It’s bigger than that as I have the wall behind me to do also.

We ended up the evening with the couch eating the remote for the TV. We may or may not be able to retrieve it. Drat!!

Today, I plan on scrubbing the living room floor and paint the brick around the hearth. The mantle will get a second coat of paint. That will be it as we have to go grocery shopping in the morning. Oh! we have to try and find the remote for the TV.

Until tomorrow………………………….


  1. We didn't get any rain but had really high winds and dark clouds. All the vendors on the beach quickly took down their canopies and went home. I do like the look of your fireplace with its new coat of paint.

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Ooooo, thank you for the geography information. Your descriptions and the maps help one understand the geomorphology much better now. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I see that "driving" along the Google Maps street views helps to understand, too. :-)