Friday, August 21, 2015

Sewing Room Layout Emerging

Yesterday’s weather wasn’t what they forecasted. It was warmer than anticipated and humid. So much so that I felt horrible. A storm is coming in. The high got to 30.7C or 87F. It is 16C or 61F, windy, and with a light rain shower this morning.


We hustled around yesterday morning to get a bunch of jobs done. First on the list was moving everything out of the end of the carport. Tree removal is today and we had to be prepared.


The apple trees are coming out also.


We did put the doors on the front entry closet of the basement suite. No pictures as we couldn’t put on the knobs. The bolts are too short!!! A usual problem unfortunately.

After lunch I did the unthinkable. I had a good nap for just over an hour. Like Elliott, I flaked out on the love seat. Press the button to recline and I was out like a light bulb.


Sewing Room

Thought I used my sewing room thought time napping, I did get in there to move the furniture around while supper cooked. Elliott ended up helping me.


The cubby unit at the door goes in the corner by the window but along the other wall. I will add another unit with 6 cubbies on top. I do like the cutting table under the window and can pull it out if I need it opened to full length.


I put the sewing cabinet against the door wall but I wasn’t happy with that. I put it on the other wall.


Elliott approved. The ironing board will go somewhere in the room.


Those rolling carts will be gone. I am looking at minimal. At first, the closet wasn’t going to have doors. Now they will. The door into the room will be replaced also. Floors done in a darker colour. It is starting to look good in my eyes. Even the Spousal Unit liked it.

Today, the trees will be removed. Yes!!! While that is being done, I plan on doing a bit of work at the front of the house if it doesn’t rain. We did  bit of planning there yesterday. If it gets too warm/wet out there, I will try to wash the walls in the sewing room. Today is day two of not doing anything in the suite. I needed a break from it.

Until tomorrow…………………….


  1. You will like to have that big tree gone. When we moved into this place we had two huge trees in the front yard which meant most of the grass was dead. Had those gone pretty quick. There were three fruit trees in the back yard, got rid of the apple tree. There is still a pear tree and apple tree, second apple tree. We just use them for shade as the fruit is not eatable. Of course Elliott helped you. He has to know what is going on. I still miss our cats although thefy have been gone over two years.your sewing room arrangement looks good. Only 8 degrees here this morning, I miss the heat.

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Are the trees poorly placed/too old/have roots too near the house or fence? I ask because I'm contemplating removing a beautiful blue spruce that has roots that are presenting problems for a back patio.