Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Screaming Knees

Yesterday was warmer than forecasted. It got to 35.8C or 96.4F. The wind came up in the late afternoon and kept the temperature from going up further. There was a chance of showers forecasted last night but it didn’t happen and this afternoon they are suppose to happen again. We wait and see if it is a cool day like predicted.


We headed to the basement to measure up the kitchen to remodel realizing we weren’t going to get the order placed due to it being a holiday. But we measured and re-measured and talked about the kitchen. I headed up to find a program at Home Depot’s website but it is no longer there. I used one from Homestyler. It worked well for us.

007   008

The kitchen looks okay at first glance but when the Spousal Unit started digging, it needs to go. We decided on an L-shaped kitchen that is no frills and came up with this idea. We will get a new sink and range hood/fan.


After that was done, we both headed back to the basement to prep the areas we were going to work in. I had to paint a piece on one wall that showed up in yesterday’s pictures. That was done and the Spousal Unit got the living room area ready to prime the wall he did.

After lunch, I washed all the plates for plugs and switch, put them on and started scrubbing the floor. Two buckets of water and 3.5 hours later I was done. I scrubbed and scrapped until all the old paint was off the floor and the dirt and grime was gone.


It was no fun scrapping orange paint off the floor in the room. I also found a bit of wax, chocolate, and some other food item stuck on the floor.

The closet cannot have bifold doors on it so we will hang a curtain rod and I will shorten some dark brown curtains for covering the opening. I bought them from our neighbour just before we moved knowing they would be great in the basement.

By the time I had finished, my knees were screaming in pain. I was almost screaming in pain. I sat on the loveseat in a reclining position and stretched my legs, especially my knees. It was pretty painful but I did it. I continued over the course of the evening and after I got into bed. The pain subsided to almost nothing. I will continue stretching them to see if it works. The tendons around the knees may need to be stretched out due to the fact they are usually bent when I am working.

Cherie, thank you for the colour ideas. Though Kamloops has a lot of paint stores to choose from, it does not have a Sherwin Williams paint store. Go figure. I will look at one of the paint stores and see if the two colours you suggested are universal colours that several stores in town have to colour their paint. We are not great yellow people though I will use soft yellows in accent pieces and loved it in my last sewing room with the soft blue and green.

Today we will get a price the kitchen. The game plan is to wash the window, mini blinds and light fixture in the room just done and then start scrubbing the living room. It is next on the list to paint. It is a big area so I am dividing it into two sections to work in. I am calling them the living room and the front entry which is about 50-50 split in square footage. I will do the living room area first.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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  1. Ann, in any case, I wish you well in your color choices! It is hard! And, I worry so about you overworking yourself. Compared to you, I am such a wimp. Also, I can't wait for the time you begin sewing for yourself! I began sewing this summer after a 15-year hiatus, though I used to sew everything. Luckily, I have great machines and still have lots of the tools and goodies I need!
    Best to you,