Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sanding Up A Storm

Yesterday was a warm 28.6 or 83.5F. It was a gorgeous sunny day. This morning it is a cool 12C or 53F. Fall is coming but we are still meeting our normal temperatures. The next few days are to be warm and sunny. It is smoky here this morning due to the fires in southern BC and Washington state. No complaining as others are worse off than we are.


I was asked why we had the trees removed. The spruce tree was too close to the house and was very tall. It dropped needles into the gutter and cones into ours and the neighbour’s yards. When we viewed the house, we knew it had to go. The three trees in the back yard were apple trees. We didn’t like the variety. They are high maintenance trees as you have to spray them to keep the bugs out of the leaves and the fruit. Our goal is to plant a peach tree (low maintenance) and put in three raised vegetable beds. The Spousal Unit wants to plant some roses out there also.

Yesterday morning, we spent time in the basement suite. We put up plastic to keep the sanding dust contained in the kitchen.


I spent the next hour or so in there with the mouse sander and did the lime green walls. I smoothed out all ridges and broke the paint’s glaze. Everything was swept down and the dust vacuumed up. I emerged with a layer of off-white and lime green dust all over me. Wiping my glasses made the world a whole lot brighter. While I was sanding up a storm, the Spousal Unit put baseboard on in the living room.

Next job was to paint trim and baseboard needed in the living room. Once that job was done, I hit the shower. It felt good to get all that dust off me. In the afternoon, we headed out to buy a stove and fridge for the unit. They are mid line appliances at low end prices. A good sale.

Once home, we worked out in the front of the house fixing up the little area between our house and the neighbour’s. We got the weed fabric down. It is very heavy and feels like felt on one side. It is held down with rocks at the moment. Then we moved a cement slab from the side yard to put the pot on. It is levelled up.


There is still more to do out there. The white post by itself needs to be cut back to 3” high, rock put along the fence and maybe around the cement pad, mulch on the rest and an edging put along the front. Next spring, we will probably take down the white fence and put up a 4 foot high fence to make it look nicer.

If we weren’t warm from that job, we soon were. We had to move and level the BBQ in the full sun. The Spousal Unit lifts the ends of the BBQ while I crawl around and put pieces of board underneath for the wheels to sit on. I did that for a good 40 minutes with the sun shining on me. Yes, I over heated again. I felt sick and slept the evening away on the couch.

Today we shop for groceries and then I will wash more walls in the suite. It feels good to know that we are coming to the end of the painting in the basement. Two to three weeks and it should be ready to rent out. Yes!! After the walls are washed, I am going to rest. Who knows what that will be as we are barbequing a roast for dinner tonight.

Until tomorrow……………………..

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Thank you for the information about the trees. It will be interesting to see what you finish around the now leveled planter, too. Whew! You two are work demons!