Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pattern Drafting Search

Yesterday was hazy and we had a high of 30.4C or 86.7F. There were severe weather and thunderstorm watches posted off and on all day on the weather site. We got a fast moving thunderstorm late in the afternoon and it rained about 1/2” until about 11 p.m. Good for the lawns and gardens, but not great for the fire fighters.


When we looked at our thermostat yesterday morning to get an idea of when to close up the house, it said we needed to change/clean the furnace filter. We had to go and buy filters and do the little job. The old filter had been in for 6 weeks and was filled with fine dust from renovating. We know we will continue to change the filter frequently until renovations are over.

I helped the Spousal Unit get ready for his trip to a community south of us. He has judged an event there for four years now and really enjoys doing it. As there was a thunderstorm watch in effect (in a bright red box), I had to find his jacket. Third box and I had it. Thank goodness for clear marking on the boxes when we moved.

I painted more trim and doors yesterday afternoon. I need the closet doors removed to finish up. The white paint looks nice when done. You only notice the difference when you are painting the trim and after the walls are done. Hence no pictures. I ended painting mid afternoon and felt horrid. Head and joints ached from the thunderstorm cell coming in quickly. I rested as there is nothing that will help me during a storm.


Give me a couple of hours to look at things on the computer and I go crazy. Yesterday was about pattern drafting and I went in a direction that was fun. I didn’t buy but I looked at the Haslam System of Dresscutting. It is a system that was used between 1920 and 1960’s according to this post by Dr. Elizabeth. You can buy scanned files of the system including the chart or drafting ruler. I then followed a link to Stitcher's Guild on this topic. Someone compared this system to Sure Fit Designs. That was interesting.

I won’t be making vintage clothing but I will continue my quest in pattern drafting. I look forward to getting back to it later this fall. I know where some of my books and materials are so I can work on it after I paint the room. I can’t set up the room until the floors are done but that doesn’t mean I can’t play in there.

Today, I have to get the first coat of paint on the walls in the basement entry area. As I am by myself, I can work on it at my pace. I didn’t sleep well as the dog paced until I let her out for good at midnight. I also am tired from the aches and pains in the body from yesterday’s storm. I will get the first coat of paint on for sure.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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