Thursday, August 13, 2015


Yesterday was a hot one with the high getting to 37C or 98F. It felt hot out there in the sun. I got a good strong dose of it leaving me feeling sick. It stayed hot late last night and it is still warm this morning. Our saving grace is the lovely breeze flowing through the open windows.


Yesterday morning we tromped around the front and back yard. We are wanting help to fix up the appeal of our place. Our house looks like this from the street.


It has very little street appeal and isn’t the best nor the worst on the street. It is below the middle in street appeal and it has been bugging the Spousal Unit to no end. The flower bed is a hodge podge of flowers the previous owner liked and her husband planted for her.

After doing that, I headed down to paint the front door of the basement apartment. It got one really good coat of white paint on the inside. By the time that was finished, it was lunch time. I did take a minute to admire the door as it went from a dirty white to a clean white. Just the difference in paint colour and a good scrubbing.

As we were finishing up lunch, the plumber arrived. He is such a knowledgeable person and gave us lots to think about with our unit. He has three rental properties of his own. He left and I had a wicked headache come on. I ended up prone on the couch for 45 minutes until the Spousal Unit needed me to help with a shelving unit. We went from that to the landscaper arriving to talk to us about our yard.


In the front flower bed, we are getting rid of the vast majority of the flowers. Some lupine and two delphinines are going to Daughter. We will keep one delphinine for ourselves. The Val D’Or lilies and another shrub will remain. The rest are out of there. From there we will make the bed narrower and put in a brick edging. Some big rocks in hiding will go in the flower bed for visual interest. The grass just needs plenty of water and the brick edging will go along the property line at the street. In the spring we will add the remaining plants I want in that bed as the landscaper can’t start until working on the bed until late September. We will yank the plants we don’t want out in early September.

In the back yard, the tall tree you can see in the first picture will be removed along with the three apple trees. The blast rock (sharp edges on it) will also be removed. The Spousal Unit will plant the grass out there and next year we will finish it up. The backyard is a two year project.

When we were done with the landscaper and tree guy, I felt horrid. I got into the cool house as I was over heating. I also had low blood sugar. Supper was spaghetti which works quickly for me. I felt better shortly after I ate. After we got the basement entry door finished, I sat on the loveseat, woke up at 8 p.m., went to bed and slept through the night. I did wake up to listen to a dry thunderstorm go through the area.

Today, I will paint the closet in the basement entry way and get ready to to have my hair cut. We have to gas up the vehicle and get a few groceries. The Spousal Unit is away from Friday noon until late Saturday night. I know a few other things will get done so I can paint Friday and Saturday.

Until tomorrow………………………

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