Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mittens Are Done

Yesterday was cloudy, warm, humid, and yucky. You moved, you sweat. The a/c was slow at coming on as the outside temperature was at that magic number for quite a few hours. We suffered through it. This morning is cooler with lots of smoke and a light rain shower west of us. Not liking the looks of the smoke out there as it is getting thicker and thicker.


In the morning, I did the touch up painting around the doors with a small paint brush. Then I scrubbed the floor space. It was a tiny area with a good volume of dirt and paint on it. In an hour I was done. I was suppose to paint some trim in Grumpy’s Garage and totally forgot to do it. It wasn’t going anywhere so it is still waiting for me.


After lunch, we headed out to do a bit of grocery shopping and gas the Explorer. When we got home, I decided to relax. And to have some fun with Elliott. I accidently got him yawning but it looks like he is giving someone a lecture.


He decided he wanted to taste the chip dip so I put a bit on my finger.



After that was done, he decided it was nap time. Selfies are very tiring you know.


He actually hogged half of the loveseat when he went to sleep.


As the weather is a bit more like fall, I am getting the urge to sew. Even something simple and fun. Like a new purse, wallet and bag. My old purse is old, worn, and needs to be replaced. It has led me on a Google search. If I can get what I want, I will be making The Candace Purse and taking Zip It Up of which are by the same person. Ideas are floating in my head as I can get the pattern just over 2 hours from here. With this, I want to try Aurfil thread for sewing.


I spent a couple of hours knitting. It was fun to do work on it knowing that I didn’t have to rush downstairs to work in the suite. I had finished up the hand of the second mitten over the course of a couple of evenings. I just had to thread the yarn into the last stitches and weave in the loose end. I was ready to start the thumb.

When I did the thumb on the first mitten I gnashed my teeth as I put the stitches on the needles. They stretched out of shape a bit. This time, I put the stitches on using the smaller needles. I knit the next round using the larger needles. Worked very well. The picture was taken when I had the larger needles in but after the first row of knitting.


 I knit away until they were done.


Though I like the pattern, I do not like the after thought thumbs. I did the pattern to learn about mittens and I did learn a lot. So, I did an internet search and found a mitten pattern that has a thumb gusset. Tin Can Knits seems to fit the bill. The author of the blog lives about 3 hours from us near where I grew up as a child.

The mittens she shows has quite a bit of purling in them but I am game. Maybe I can  figure out how to have more knits than purls when I make our grandson’s mitts.

Today, I am priming two walls in the kitchen. When that is done, I am going to do a bit of housework upstairs. The dust is starting to show up on the furniture again. I also hope to cast on the first mitten to try out the new pattern.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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  1. The approach of autumn makes me want to sew also. That Elliott is one pampered kitty, I like the yawn picture.