Monday, August 31, 2015

Mitten Thumb Gusset Done

Yesterday was windy. Quite windy but not as windy as the coast had it. For me it was annoying as I hate the wind. Have hated it all my life. The high temperature was 24.5C or 76F. This morning is warm at 17C or 62F as it was cloudy during the night. Though we are moving towards fall, we will continue to see lots of nice weather here.


I primed the kitchen walls for the second time. The can of paint was okay as I seemed to have, luckily, skimmed the layer off in one piece. The second coat certainly kills any green undertones from the lime green paint.


While I was priming, the Spousal Unit put the baseboards back on the other areas in the suite. He also put the trim around the fireplace. I got to help him as I finished up before he did. And, I remembered to put the lid on the paint can.


The cove trim on the sides of the fireplace hardly show at all. They blend into the wall so nicely. The cove around the hearth adds a frame which we both like.


Though I need to do a bit of caulking, this fireplace is ready for the gas insert on Wednesday.


We won’t talk about the one upstairs. I want to put a stone face on it and will be talking to the installers about that.

We headed out to shop after that job was done. We got more painting supplies and bark mulch for the yard. Not a lot of excitement but we were gone for a good 3 hours. One thing we did do was look for glass tiles for the back splash in the kitchen in the basement. I wanted a bit of something on the wall like we had in our last house. Finding it may be the bane of our lives though I did find a pretty mono toned one.


I did get a couple of hours of knitting in yesterday. The ribbing was done and then the gusset was set up and finished.


 I can see why she did the knit 3 in the ribbing as it makes the gusset start from the cast on - a designing element. I got the gusset stitches onto waste yarn, the three stitches cast on and several rows knit before I called it an evening.


I needed to put everything away as I had my phone, iPad, and remote on top of Elliott who chose to sleep between us. Once we covered him up with the blanket, he said leave him alone, and he slept the evening away.

Today, I have to paint the kitchen ceiling. Then I will do a bit of work upstairs and start scrubbing the downstairs bathroom. It is hard to believe the basement is almost painted. I will be happy when that job is done. But the list to finish up is quite long ranging from installing a kitchen to putting in fans, to lights, to ………………… But we are nearing the end which is fabulous. Next, my sewing room.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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