Monday, August 03, 2015

Happy BC Day

We are having a long weekend in Canada ~ BC calls it BC Day, Alberta calls it Heritage Day. What ever. I found these interesting facts about BC, some of which I knew and some I didn’t.

20 interesting facts about British Columbia:

*The provincial flower of BC is the Dogwood.

*The SS Minnow from “Gilligan’s Island” resides in BC now. It is owned by Vancouver Island supermarket chain Quality Foods.

*The Hanging Garden Tree on Meares Island is thought to be one of the oldest known western red cedars, and is estimated to be between 1,500 and 2,000 years old....

*BC is home to the longest running movie theatre in Canada, which is Powell River’s Patricia Theatre, operating since 1913.

*BC has over 27,000 km of coastline.

*The last spike of the first transcontinental railway was placed on November 7, 1885 in Craigellachie

*Sasquatch sightings in BC go back over 200 years.

*The great sport of Bathtub Racing was started in Nanaimo, BC
*BC’s Osoyoos Lake is the warmest freshwater lake in Canada.
*Only 30 countries are larger than BC.

*All of the grey squirrels in Stanley Park today are descended from eight pairs of grey squirrels given to Vancouver by New York City in 1909.

*Whistler is named after the hoary marmot, a rodent nicknamed “whistler” because it gives a sharp piercing whistle to warn of danger.

*The first electric streetlights in Vancouver were lit on Aug. 8, 1887

*The largest landslide ever recorded in Canada occurred on Jan. 9, 1965, 17 kilometres southeast of Hope. The slide killed four people and extinguished a small lake. The slide debris poured across the valley and slopped up its southern side by more than 100 metres

*B.C. has about 40,000 islands

*The first local telephone call in B.C. was made between Port Moody and New Westminster in 1883.

*Preserved footprints of three tyrannosaurs, all heading in the same direction, were discovered near Tumbler Ridge in 2011, marking the first time the footprints of more than one tyrannosaur have been found close together. Scientists speculate the prints suggest the predator may have hunted in groups.

*In 1955 logger Bert Thomas became the first person to swim the Strait of Juan de Fuca between Vancouver Island and Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. During his swim, he was sustained by rum and coke funnelled to him through a garden hose, and lit a Cuban cigar as he backstroked to shore.

*Victoria’s is the first and oldest Chinatown in Canada and second oldest in North America after San Francisco.

*More than eight times the height of Niagara, the Della Falls is the highest waterfall in Canada at 440 metres. The Della Falls is located in Strathcona Provincial Park near the town of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.

Happy BC Day!!

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    Cool! Thanks for the BC information. Happy Day!