Sunday, August 02, 2015

Grumpy’s Garage and Room Two is Painted

I had written a post on Saturday and in my haste to get painting, I forgot to post it.

Friday was was hot. It got up to 37.2C or 99F. The heat hit you in the face when you went out in it. Saturday was marginally cooler getting to 35.5C or 96F. Today is our last hot day before it cools off for several days. This is how our summers usually are - hot for a period of time and then cool off. When I say cool off, it gets in the mid to high 20C (75 to 85F).


On Friday morning, I gathered all our paper and did the purge on 90% of it. There is still some to deal with but the majority of it is gone. Yes!! I have to try and do better at keeping it up.

The Spousal Unit got his birthday present from the Dude, Son and Daughter-in-Law on Friday morning. It is perfect for him as the Dude calls him Grumpy.


And it got hung on the shed he has claimed as his workshop.


Pictures were sent and Son wants the sign centered over the door. It is centered on the front of the shed. The banter went on for 20 minutes. Good for a morning laugh.

Saturday and yesterday until early afternoon had me painting in the basement room. It looks fresh and clean with two coats of paint on the walls and the trim done. I knew I was tired on Saturday afternoon as I missed a couple of places when doing the trim. By the time I was done yesterday, I had every paint brush dirty. I didn’t even clean up the floor. I walked out!


The closet has no door so we will hang a curtain rod and I will use the brown curtains I bought off the neighbour in Ashcroft. Those will need to be shortened first.


So much fresher than before.


When done, I crashed on the couch for 45 minutes. I was tired and needed to rest. While I rested, the Spousal Unit shortened the second blind on the living room window. I got up to help him shorten the long one. While he finished up the job, I dusted and swept the living room area.

My next downstairs job won’t be the kitchen. We have to get a quote for new cupboards as the old ones are gross. I will be moving on to the living room instead.


Walls will be scrubbed first and the fireplace wall will be primed. Then the ceiling and walls will be painted; the walls the same colour as the other rooms. The fireplace will painted a lighter colour. It has an gas insert going in later this month.

The Upstairs

This poor house hasn’t been talking to me about colours, decorating ideas, etc. I wander through it trying to get a feeling for what it wants and it whispers light yet cozy. The colours we bought samples of are right for us for the main colour and trim.


But the African Plains is saying small accent pieces which has show up in our house before.


I started to Google for ideas and found I Heart My Home. As I took the tour of her house I realized I had found what I wanted in our house. Light and airy but warm and cozy.

Ideas and possibilities are floating in my head and I am excited about that. I got out the colour wheels I own and have some ideas floating in my head that should work. I am ready to roll. Well, when the basement is done. But I will collect ideas as I go and put them in the Bullet Journal. I want to be ready to start the upstairs this fall.

Today I plan on cleaning up the downstairs room, wash the window, do some touch up painting and prepare my brain to scrub the floor. It won’t be done today. After grocery shopping, we will pick up the paint and I will start painting the sewing room closet. I am giving the closet part days for the next couple of days.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. I dislike those colors that you have chosen. When you add accents of other colors they will really show up. And with those main colors there is the possibility of many accent colors. It has been hot here but nothing like you have had out there.bwe had some much needed rain on Friday night.we have bee picking raspberries almost every day as they are plentiful this year. We have green tomatoes but they won't be ripe for awhile yet. Had a few cucumbers which tasted great. Do the dog and cat stay indoors a lot with it being so hot.