Saturday, August 08, 2015

Great Ideas

We had a beautiful day yesterday, waking up to blue skies and sunshine. The high got to 30.8 or 87.4F. It certainly felt hot after the cooler weather we had. We are to have a few days of hot weather before we get another cooler spell.


Donna, it sounds like you are having fun in Penticton. At one point, it was a town on our “move to” list. We looked around Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos along with Vernon and Salmon Arm. The reason we didn’t choose any one of those communities was the unavailability of doctors. Pure and simple - our doctor and other medical professionals are in Kamloops.

We headed down to the basement early yesterday morning. I opened the second can of paint, stirred it really well and painted the walls a second coat. Looks good and it is all one colour.


I also helped the Spousal Unit remove bottom cabinets from the kitchen. The kitchen is empty and it needs to have repairs done to it. We need a plumber for sure. And probably an electrician.


If you need a hole, the previous renovators used a hammer to make one and left the debris on the floor. We were surprised with that. The hole is behind the board left against the wall.

In the afternoon, we went shopping for paint, paint supplies, and cove. We also got the insurance for the truck and some groceries. It was a nice break and when we got home, we puttered around looked at paint samples for the fireplace.



The choice is


Living room

I am always looking for decorating ideas that say us. This one talked to me yesterday when I opened Pier One’s online fall catalogue.

Livingroom idea- Richmond

I absolutely love these candle stick holders and want them for our house. I use battery operated candles in the house. We also have a beautiful saddle candle stick holder also.

Livingroom idea1- Richmond

We also have a set of sheds (antlers that you find on the ground when the deer loose them in the late winter) that are a matched set.


I want these in our house along with a smaller set we have. We don’t hunt deer but we did look for their sheds at our place in Dawson Creek. We gave many away to friends who wanted them, keeping only the two sets we loved the most. Anyways, I want them layered on the furniture in our living room.

Today, we have to go back to return the paint that had the green streaks in it, get the paint for the fireplace and pick up paint tray liners. We may do some grocery shopping and then work in the basement. I need to clean up and paint the fireplace today.

Until tomorrow……………………….


  1. I agree on living where medical facilities are as we get older. We love it out here but could not move here for the same reasons. We had thought about moving east to NS or NL but still medical facilities are scarce there so We will stay in our area.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Can you see either of the mountain ranges to the east or west from where you are, or are the views blocked by foothills?