Monday, August 10, 2015

Found ~ The Remote

Yesterday was another lovely day with some clouds, a light breeze, and warm weather. The high got to 31.5C or 88.7F. We are now in for some warmer days this week before it cools off again for the weekend.


We found the remote ~ rather the Spousal Unit found it. We tipped the couch onto its face, unzipped the back and he looked with a powerful light.


He saw the silver circle in the center of the remote.


The remote does not reside on the couch any more. It resides on a table.

After going shopping, I scrubbed the basement living room floor. I got about one-third done before lunch, took a break, did another third, took a break, and did the last third. It was dirty but the most yucky thing to deal with was glitter glue on the floor. It is so hard to get off. The glue is super resistant to being removed; scrape and scrub. Repeat several time to get off.

It was too hot to paint outside so it was put on hold. Instead I rested and recuperated from washing those floors. By dinner time, I was yawning and having an issue staying awake. I didn’t take any pictures of the progress due to being tired.

The Spousal Unit weeded the front flower bed and we need to get someone in to help us decide on what to keep and what we need to do to have a nice front yard. We both know we want it to be easy to look after. We don’t have the worst yard on the street but it isn’t up with being the nicest.

I did do a bit of internet surfing yesterday and it was fun. Nothing overly exciting though I did read an article of keeping track of what you spend on fixing up your house/rental apartment. The article also says to take before and after pictures. It is suppose to help with the resale of your property. We did that with our last property and are doing it again with this property. Last time I kept a spreadsheet but it was too cumbersome. This time I am keeping it in the Bullet Journal along with bullets of what we accomplish each day. So simple to do. I have divided the the renovations (on one page) into Both, Us, Suite so I have an idea of what each part costs.

Today I have to paint the mantle and the single row of brick around the hearth of the fireplace. I plan on doing some housework upstairs as it is dusty in this house. Once that is done, I will scrub the next area I am going to paint. There is a closet shelf to take down. I am hoping the Spousal Unit will get the baseboard on in the living room and remove the next section for me. Another busy day in our household as we work towards the end of the basement clean up.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

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  1. Have to tell you I loved yesterday's blog title, made me laugh! Finding it though, that couch is a fiend! So glad to hear you are listening to your body - don't let yourself say you didn't do enough. You out-do me every day!