Sunday, August 16, 2015

Feeling Better

Yesterday was a cooler day with the high temperature getting to 25.5C or 78F. The day started off clear and sunny but ended up cloudy and windy in the afternoon. This morning is cool at 13C or 55F. We are suppose to have sunny weather for the next few days.


I moved slowly yesterday while painting. It seemed to take forever to get the painting done but it got done. I did take breaks during the day though so I could keep hydrated. I know that this area needs every square inch painted again. That includes the doors. I need to do whatever it takes to have it looking great.

The Spousal Unit let me know at 4 pm that we have company coming this morning. I hustled around and did the floors. There was quite a layer of dust on them. They are done and look much better.

The rest of the time I rested. The storms have passed and I will get back to feeling normal. That’s the way it always works for me and has for many years.

Today we have company coming so I have a bit of housework to do, a treat to buy for coffee, and then we will decide if we grocery shop or paint. I can handle either one.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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