Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dinner Was A Success

Yesterday was a cool day with the air conditioner not running at all. Storm clouds were around the mountains and it felt like rain out there though we got nothing until noon. Then it rained more on that off all afternoon and evening which resulted in less than 1/2” of rain. The high was 21.1C or 70F.


Yesterday we decided to smoke pork ribs. They had dry rub put on them the night before and marinated in the fridge over night. A bit more rub was put on them an hour before they were put into the smoker (I will use less of the dry rub next time). I then made a sauce for the ribs and it was yummy good. I used more corn syrup to cut the bite. The recipes were gotten from the book Smoke and Spice. We did the Kanas City Sloppy Ribs with the Strutting Sauce.


The sauce made the house smell amazing. And dinner was awesome. I roasted baby potatoes and we had coleslaw.


The basement living room walls got a good scrubbing and the ceiling got a coat of paint. I need to paint the section of ceiling I missed and paint up close to the ceiling light. It is amazing how you can’t see where you missed painting until after you clean up.

The Spousal Unit took off the baseboards in that room and scraped them clean for painting. He also started working in the kitchen. That was all that was planned for the day as smoking took precedence.


We had a quiet evening as both of us needed to rest to rebuild our energy to continue working in the basement. We both know it needs to be done and then we can focus on ourselves. We are okay with working hard and always remember to have breaks twice a day and a day off now and again. At our age we have decided that we can do the work but are starting to call in the professionals to help us when necessary.

When the basement is done, I am going to focus on the sewing room so I can do some sewing after I get home from Edmonton. I am going for 10 days to help look after our grandson. After I get home, the goal is to enjoy ourselves and work on the upstairs one room a month. When the room is done, we play until the next month.

Today, I will paint the missed spots on the ceiling and start painting the walls. I will see how the fireplace looks when the first coat of paint is on the wall. Daughter and I talked about it and she suggested lighter than the wall colour with a white mantel. That is a good possibility. Another possibility would be the dark mantel. And if the whole thing scrubs up clean then nothing but stain some wood that goes around the hearth on the floor.


Food for thought though the last option would be the best one for me. Less work.

Until tomorrow………………………………

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