Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Delicious BBQ

Yesterday morning we watched the smoke thicken up quickly. Unreal how thick it gets in such a short time. As fast as it thickened up, it thinned out. The winds have changed direction down south and the smoke isn’t coming our way as much. Our high got to 29.8C or 85.6F. This morning the temperature is 12C or 54F and there is no smoke. The cooler temperatures are a welcome as we sleep better at night.


Yesterday morning I pushed through the jobs I had to do. My head was a bit achy but I knew it was from the smoke affecting my allergies. I started the morning with washing the walls in the next area to paint. They were as dirty as the other walls which is a reoccurring theme in this house. The Spousal Unit took off some of the baseboards which I will wash, sand, and paint.


It is a small area and the last that will be painted with the paint we have on hand. After that I will buy kitchen and bath paint in the same colour for the kitchen and bathroom. I start at the top of the closest door, go down to the cabinet and then from the ladder around the corner to the opening to the kitchen.

We were really busy in the afternoon. The first thing was to get the prime rib onto the BBQ. A little research and we were ready.


Then it was downstairs to paint the ceiling and when that was done outside to hydrate and admire the area the Spousal Unit finished working on. Sorry the pictures are on an angle. We want to get a metal wall hanging for the fence ~ cowboy on a horse?


 Dinner was delicious. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. The meat was just slightly over done but was tasty and tender.


#meatcoma but we refrained from eating the 5 pounds of roast. We also had a salad with this meal. Next time I am adding onions to the vegetable mix. I marinated the meat in Balsamic dressing (Kraft) and then added a bit of dry rub to the meat. The vegetables were tossed in garlic olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of the dry rub. Though this meal takes a lot of time and planning, we do enjoy doing it and hoped the smells of BBQ didn’t have our neighbours drooling too badly.

Today, I will paint the walls in the small area. Once that is done, we have to head out and get the last kitchen cupboard, paint, and a few other tidbits we need down in the unit.

Until tomorrow………………………

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