Monday, August 03, 2015

Colour Confusion

Yesterday it was hazy but warm. The smoke is coming from fires in both BC and California. The high got to 36.4C or 97.5F. Today is the beginning of cooler damp weather for a few days. We will enjoy sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather.


Donna W., the cat and dog stay in the air conditioned house. Jill, our dog, goes out as necessary. She doesn’t like the hot weather in her old age. Elliott, like in Ashcroft, has “look out the door” privileges. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a greenhouse to play in and is not an outside cat. He does roam in the basement while we are doing work down there.

Yesterday was a day of confusion. I brushed the True Taupewood paint colour onto four different walls and was left with mixed feelings. It ranged from being creamy in the front entrance……..



to almost a oyster shell colour in the dining area……



to dark in the sewing room closet. I painted it on the brightest part of the closet wall.


In all we both felt the colour was muddy and too dark for our liking especially when we darken the floors. Not the light and airy feel that we wanted. Actually all we could think of was how small it would make the house feel. When I asked about the difference in colours, the lady at the paint store said it is the green in the formula that reacts to the different lighting. The verdict - more colour swatches in lighter colours.

I didn’t feel so bad buying more samples. The lady who waited on us had taken home 8 or more of the tiny cans of paint to get the right shade of blue for her bedroom and still didn’t have the colour she wanted.  We chose 4 colours and I painted test squares on the closet wall. Good thing primer covers colour swatches.

021     002

Afternoon light                                                           Morning light

The grey and Wings of a Dove beside it (top two under the taupe) are the top choices right now for the sewing room. I have to live with the colours for a couple of days. The bottom right hand one (Felicity) is close to the colour we had in our house at Ashcroft.



I played with the colour using our dishes and like three of the colours with them.

For fun, I used the Felicity and painted a strip down beside the taupe in the front entrance. You can now see how taupe it is. Once again we both mentioned how dark the house would look in this colour.


I am pretty boring with wall colour but I like to work my colour through accessories. I like light as it keeps everything airy. The Spousal Unit is on the same page with colour as I am.

Today I have to clean up the basement room and we need to measure up the downstairs kitchen and get a price for new cupboards and counter top. A busy but not exhausting day for us.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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  1. Hi, Ann, don't apologize, I think color is hard. FWIW, my fav light wall colors are cottage yellow by Sherwin Williams and Bisquit, a light camel color, by SW. I use a really creamy white for the woodwork molding and baseboards. I know colors are trending grey, but I need the hint of yellow around me! I think the yellow edged colors go well with earth tones. Maybe try the Bisquit (SW) just for kicks, next to your dishes. It goes really well with our medium Oak furniture and dark cabinets.

    Good Luck! I know whatever you choose will be great!