Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another Great Day

Yesterday was a warmer day though we did sit outside to rehydrate. The high got to 35.2C or 95.4F. The clear skies gave us a lovely cool morning of 15.6C or 60F allowing us to cool off the house this morning. Today is to be warmer as is tomorrow. Then it cools off again for a couple of days.


Elliott was in a much better mood (and we were too). When he thought about taking a bite at me, he didn’t. He actually slept the morning away on the loveseat.


He was even a bit cuddly last night before he headed to sleep under the guest room quilt. It was fabulous having him back to normal, what ever his normal is.

I started the morning by cleaning out the remainder of items from the sewing room. The walls are ready to scrub clean.


I am in a happy place with that room. I also went downstairs and scrubbed the area I am now working on. A few holes got patched and the ceiling got painted. The baseboard needs to come off before I paint the walls.

I cleaned the kitchen as I made dinner last night. The dust is everywhere upstairs and I am trying to get it under control by doing some work up here each day. About three weeks from now, all our attention will be on our area of the house which will be nice.

The Spousal Unit worked on the kitchen cabinets most of the day. He has all the top cabinets put together.


And will start the bottom cabinets either today or tomorrow. He leaves Friday for two days so this project will not be finished prior to his departure.


Sewing Room

I looked at Sew Many Ways' sewing room yesterday at noon and she did a great job of using her dad’s old workbenches. No, I am not going there but I am going to be using a bunch of plastic shoe totes to organize sewing items into like she did. They will fit neatly on the shelves in the closet. Said closet is not having doors on it either for easier accessibility.

I have enjoyed looking at all the sewing rooms I have found on the Internet. It certainly has given me some ideas for my room.

Today, we have the plumber coming to prep the drain and water lines for the downstairs kitchen. Then the landscaper is coming to talk about our yard ~ front and back. Though we have we have some work to do in the back yard this year, our priority is to get the front looking great. Street appeal is important to us.

I am not sure what is going to happen inside. I have a small section of ceiling to repaint and I may wash the sewing room walls. I am waiting for baseboard to go on in the living room and come off where I am working. Depending on the plumber, I may have to finish that area and then skip to the kitchen. We will see what he has to say. We know this plumber quite well and work to his schedule.

Until tomorrow……………………………….

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