Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Day Closer to Finishing

Yesterday was another warmer day with a high of 30C or 86F. Though they kept saying we had smoke, which we could see, the visibility on the weather website said 64 km. Difference of opinion it seems.


This morning is a cool 13C or 56F. There is cloud showing as it is to start raining tomorrow. Let us hope it helps with the fires burning both in BC and Washington State.


I headed downstairs in good time to paint the sanded areas. As I looked at the painting I had done the day before, I was amazed at how awful the one can of paint we had to have replaced was. Two to three different colours none of which were the right colour. It didn’t take long to do the small amount of painting on the walls and some trim for around the fireplace.

Once done, I started to wash the walls in the kitchen. It was dirty and greasy. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed until I had three buckets of water used up. I staggered out at noon with the job done. Ready to prime and paint.

After lunch, I headed back down and painted the area that needed the second coat. Just over an hour later I emerged and put the second coat of paint on the trim. I was done for the day.


While I am painting and scrubbing the Spousal Unit is working outside. He did rock along a piece of the fence and has the edging in. We are talking about another row of edging and putting his rose bushes in there.


We have to get rid of all the blast rock in the yard as they are not kid friendly. We are trying to get what we need in place and then find out where we can take the rest.

The Spousal Unit also killed the lawn in the back yard as it was in terrible shape. He wanted it tilled but we haven’t heard from the person who was here to give a quote. So he got out a hand tiller and is getting the area ready to seed himself.


Jill was snooping around at the yard yesterday when I snapped these pictures. She is doing amazing since we moved here. Less stairs means less pain.


Less pain means more movement. She and Elliott were racing around upstairs in the morning while I was scrubbing. It meant she had to go outside to burn off some energy.

Today, I plan on painting the trim in the area I just did. The moulding for three doors, the bathroom door and the baseboard. We have to move some items in to the carport as we are to have rain this weekend. If there is time, I would like to prime two walls in the kitchen. As we get closer to the end of this project, I become more focussed on getting the painting done.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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