Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another Area Almost Done

It was another lovely warm day in our neck of the woods. The high got to 31.5C or 89F. The skies were a lovely blue all day. This morning it is a cool 14C or 57F and we are cooling the house off so the a/c doesn’t come on too early.


Donna W., it is nice to hear you enjoyed your vacation in Penticton. Our son lives in Sherwood Park and has said it has been cool and damp there lately. I hear you on choosing the right place to live with the shortage of doctors.

After picking up my prescriptions, the monumental task was to paint the trim and doors another coat of white. I spent hours on it and know I have a bit of touch up to do in the front entry closet this morning.

While painting the door and trim to the laundry room, I looked up and saw I had missed painting a small section of the ceiling. That will be done when I paint ceilings, probably over the weekend. You can really notice as our paint is very white and theirs had a grey overtone to it.

We had another landscaper come in to look at our front flower bed. We really want simple and not a lot of plants and that is her vision for that bed also. Now to find out the cost. The Spousal Unit had a fellow come in to give a quote to till the back yard lawn. That fellow said we have grubs in our front lawn hence the brown patches. Unknowingly, we are doing the right thing to get rid of them ~ watering and fertilizer.

Today, I have a bit of touch up painting to do. The floors in the area I just finished painting will be scrubbed clean. That will be a big job as it is really dirty. Once that is done and everything is assembled in that area, I am doing nothing but resting and mentally preparing to start in the kitchen.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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