Friday, August 28, 2015

Almost Done Another Area

Yesterday was warm; verging on hot. Our high got to 32.5C or 90.5F. You could feel the heat when outside. It clouded over in the evening and it stayed warm all night. At 6 a.m. it was 20C or 68F. We are suppose to have some showers today in preparation for periods of rain tomorrow.


As there was rain in the forecast, we made sure everything that wasn’t waterproof was put into the carport. The smoker was set up, levelled, and can be used again. Next week we would like to BBQ half of a pork roast we bought and smoke the other half.

I headed down to the suite to paint trim. I worked my way around the little area that has 3 door openings that needed doing plus one door plus some baseboard. At noon, I had one door opening and a bit of baseboard to finish up. Got it done plus some baseboard and trim in the shop in the afternoon.

We bought 2 gas fire inserts yesterday and they get installed next week. We, which includes Elliott, love fireplaces in the evening during the cool seasons. It will be nice for tenants to have some control over their heat in the basement also.

Sewing Room

I had a bit of time to think, once again, of the sewing room. It will soon be time to start work on that room. I did some paint swatch cross over from one brand to another. I think I found the colour. It gives me a giggle when I read colour names. Wings of a Dove and Albatross are very close in colour.

I then remembered a website for another sewing room. I had a good look at it once again. I won’t have a room that big or with that many windows, or 9 to 10 foot ceilings. But I can look and drool. I do know from looking at this sewing room, if we have to replace our floors I would love cork in the sewing room. Soon I can start making a list of what we need in that room.

Today, I am doing some touch up painting in the area I am working on and then I will scrub the floor. Once that is done, we have to do our Friday shopping and prepare ourselves to work in the kitchen.

Until tomorrow………………….

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