Friday, August 07, 2015

A Short Work Day

Yesterday the weather was warmer and it got to 25.5C or 78F. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather during our breaks. Our daytime temperatures are getting back to the normal range again after the lovely rain we had. This morning is a cool 12C or 53F. A perfect start to the day.


I had to be ready to help the Spousal Unit in the kitchen yesterday morning after doing the touch up painting on the ceiling of the downstairs living room. As I waited for the call, I scrubbed the hearth of the fireplace.


 I vacuumed both the slate and the bricks to get rid of all the dust and dirt on it from doing the wall. I wiped the brick as best I could and then got busy scrubbing the slate with a small scrubbing brush. It came up beautifully.

I was up and down helping remove top cupboards from the kitchen - a very greasy job. We moved the stove to the bedroom for more room. When we took down the cupboard from above the stove, there was a delightful hole needing to be patched. We dubbed it the “inspection hole”.


The Spousal Unit checking to see what is in the wall.


The next time I was needed was to help take down the cupboard beside the stove and the corner cupboard. That corner cupboard was heavy as it was an appliance garage. As I wasn’t needed for a while I started to paint walls. As I finished up the first wall, I had green streaks show up in the paint. OMG! I quit for lunch.

After lunch, I stirred the paint like crazy thinking there wasn’t green added to the formula. I painted thinking the walls were looking okay. I knew I needed a second coat to even the colour out.


When I checked the paint in the evening, it was streaky. This was the worst can of paint I have used. We have painted one house twice plus what we have done in the basement of this house using this brand of paint .


After I had finished up, I helped the Spousal Unit remove the counter top. He had been busy getting it ready for me to help after I had painted.


It was early afternoon so we had a drink of water and walked down the street to let the neighbours know how lovely their yard is looking. They moved in to their house a couple of weeks before we moved into ours. The yard was overgrown and a landscaping company worked for three days cleaning up for them. They were finishing it up with bark mulch and river rock. What a transformation.

At that point, we called it a day, came home and relaxed. We were both tired and sore from lifting out the cupboards. It was nice to sit, relax and do nothing but talk.

Sewing Room

I took some time to look at some more sewing rooms. All are delightful smaller spaces.

  1. Sewing With Punks room has a lighter wall colour and white furniture. Loved how she used red and navy in her room. Some ideas here.
  2. 2 Little Hooligans has a tiny sewing room that is beautifully organized. Though done light, it has a rustic charm to it that is very tastefully done. She has a cute unfinished project bag hanging on the rod that is a neat way to store the project you are working on. Some good ideas on storing patterns.
  3. While She Was Sleeping has a nice sewing room also. This is another person who uses splashes of red in a light coloured room. What drew me in was her sewing machine. A Janome Memory Craft 6000. I bought that machine many years ago (1979?) sewed on it for years until the Spousal Unit bought me a Pfaff. My mom sewed on it for many years and then Daughter got it and sewed on it until it was literally worn out 2 years ago. That was one great machine. 

I am enjoying looking at the different sewing rooms and gleaning ideas for my room. I know my room is going to be streamlined with the “less is more” policy being put in place.


I haven’t thought about knitting for a month. Last night I almost got the mitten out to work on. That led me to think about the mittens and toque I want to make for our grandson for this winter. It led me to look for a pattern for worsted weight mittens with a gusset thumb. I will finish up the mittens I am working on and then start the next ones using the information and pattern I found at Knit Picks. I am looking forward to knitting again in the evenings.

Today, the downstairs living room gets the second coat of paint and I will do laundry. The Spousal Unit will remove the last of the cabinets. We have to get insurance for the truck, more paint supplies, and a few groceries. It is going to be an easier day for us. A day to get ready for the next part of the basement suite. Kitchen and front entry. I think I am seeing the end of the tunnel just come into sight.

Until tomorrow………………………

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  1. Interesting pics of sewing rooms. I need to do something with mine. Such a mess of clutter. I have got rid of a lot of stuff but the room needs to be emptied and painted and new drapes. Lots of ideas. It is going to be hot today so we will go the beach this afternoon. Country music at Peach Fest tonight so will take our chairs and spend our evening in the park.