Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Kitchen Is Bought

Yesterday got warm quite quickly and then late afternoon storm clouds came in and it cooled off a bit. The high got to 31.3C or 88F. We sat outside in the evening and listened to the thunder and watched storm clouds skirt the city. Daughter texted me that it was “monsoon-ing” in Ashcroft. They had rain and hail fall for 3 hours and when we checked the weather this morning they had 28.4 mm of rain fall. That is over an inch of rain. All we could say was WOW but this can happen at the beginning of August.

The Bonaparte River runs down the gully where Daughter keeps the horses. It is full and dirty from the heavy rain fall they had.



We were in a lot of stores yesterday. First and only stop in the morning was to get the downstairs' kitchen priced and bought. Very basic but…….we got 10% off as it was Senior’s Tuesday at that store. We also got a range hood and sink for 10% off. The counter tops were ordered and will arrive at the beginning of September. We now want the suite ready so when the counters are installed, we can do the backsplash and rent it out.


After lunch, we headed out to get the rotisserie for the BBQ. Then we went looking for a locking latch for a window. Didn’t get that but found a person who will fix the cracked glass in the china cabinet. While I got supper, the Spousal Unit went and got the cabinets. In the heat and higher humidity we unloaded the 11 boxes starting with the heaviest one and ending with a heavy one. We sweat and I said a few words as one knee hurt prolifically.


And in the midst of all the running around, the window in the room I just finished got a good scrubbing inside and out. Not bad for one day. But I ended up being really tired and sore. Sitting in the vehicle is not good for my knees. Not only did they hurt, the muscles around them started cramping. I did a lot of stretching throughout the day and most of the evening.

Today we will resume work in the basement. I will wash walls and the ceiling light. If time, the ceiling could get a coat of paint on it. The Spousal Unit will start taking the old kitchen apart. We are also smoking pork ribs for dinner. Another busy day in our household.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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