Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Discussion on Family

Yesterday was quite warm though there was a lovely breeze at times to cool you off. The high got to 29.5C or 85F. Our morning continue to be cool at 12C or 54F. We didn’t have any smoke yesterday but they are saying it is suppose to come back today.


Though the Spousal Unit didn’t get the sanding done on the walls I was going to paint, I did paint down and around the unsanded spots. It took me almost 3 hours to do the job but it looks so much better. No pictures until tomorrow.

The Spousal Unit worked in the backyard while I was painting. He is digging a trench around the fence, lining it with cloth and putting rocks in and doing a bit of back filling. He is trying to get rid of a bunch of rocks in the back yard. He stated he has 7 feet left to do. The area will probably be the area where he will plant his roses.

In the afternoon, we headed out to get the last top kitchen cupboard, kitchen/bath paint and some hornet traps. We had a couple of good laughs while in the store. The fellow who mixed the paint colour asked if the “Ancient Fossil” was to do with our age. My response was probably as we referred to the colour as “Old Bones”. We both like the colour as it gives a feeling of warmth to a house.

In the midst of the afternoon, I did some genealogy for the Spousal Unit. He saw a name in the local paper and wondered how he was related to him or even if he was related to him. Some searching found out the fellow’s grandmother was the Spousal Unit’s great aunt. I did a bit more research and put more names into our family tree. We had several long discussions on not knowing more about his family who lived 60 miles from them. The Spousal Unit always thought they were visiting friends when I dug up those family names from the Internet. In actual fact, his parents and grandfather would go and visit his grandfather’s sister and her husband and family. And the most interesting part was the Spousal Unit’s oldest brother and the fellow from the paper were born 6 days apart in the same hospital. The moms knew each other and probably visited each other in the hospital.

Today, the second coat will go on the area I painted yesterday. It will take most of the day to do as I will be in “wait for the paint to dry” mode. I will paint a bit of trim while I wait and wash some more walls. Not an overly exciting day but we are getting closer to the finish line.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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