Saturday, July 18, 2015

White Trim Brings Joy

Yesterday started off at a cool 12.5C or 54.5F and ended up with a high of 30.5C or 87F. We sat outside during the day for our breaks and enjoyed the lovely weather. This morning it is cloudy and 18C or 64F. It is suppose to clear off and be warmer.


Yesterday I headed downstairs early to paint the second coat of primer on the red wall. It was a lovely even white when I was done. No red showing through.


After lunch, I painted baseboards and door mouldings. They look clean and fresh and will give a nice contrast to the walls when they are painted.


It is crazy that white paint on the trim would give me such joy. But it does.

After I had done the second coat of priming, I headed up stairs to the sewing room and sanded where the shelf had been attached to the wall. I sanded and sanded and took off about a cup of dust. The Spousal Unit inspected it again and I put new sandpaper on the palm sander and took off another half cup of dust. I was covered in dust and headed to the shower to clean up. The Spousal Unit did some mud work in there.


We headed out mid afternoon to see what the ReStore would take and wandered around to look at what they had. Everything we are ditching out of the house goes directly to the dump. Their list of what they don’t want is long. We went to a flooring store and got the name of a person who refinishes hardwood floors.

I played around some with the family tree last evening to let colour choices flit through my head. I keep coming back to a light grey or a warm grey/beige white. I am still thinking as I want the colour to suit the look we want in our house. The colour we choose needs to give the house that warm and cosy yet open and welcoming feel we want.

Sewing Room

I keep coming back to the sewing room and am really thinking this one through carefully.


The bookshelf will be the cube storage unit I bought and want to add vertically to so it will be 5 shelves high. The TV will be on the top with the components beside it. The ironing board, cutting table and sewing cabinet I have. The rest of the furniture I have on hand will be unloaded. The doors are gone off the closet door so I am happy. It may take a couple of tries to get the layout right but I think it will look great.

This room is saying light so I can work in a neutral zone and see the colours I am working on. I do find that very important when sewing. The lighting is equally as important. I have lots of natural daylight in this room with a nice sized window that faces south.

Today, I have to finish up the white trim in the basement and start painting the walls. I also have to wipe down the closet and prime it one good coat. Another busy day painting and priming. I am keeping with the some upstairs and some downstairs work. Both will get done though the basement suite needs to be done first. We will live with packed boxes for a while longer.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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