Saturday, July 04, 2015

We Moved In!!

We have been in our house for 4.5 days now and it has been one roller coaster of a ride.

We arrived at our new house on the afternoon of June 30 and it was warm. One of the movers turned on the air conditioner for the Spousal Unit as I wasn’t at the house at that time. I had to finish cleaning the other house and have lunch as my blood sugar dropped and I had a headache and was sleepy.

The a/c was running but it was pathetic. It did help cool the house off a bit. The fellows unpacked and we laughed about where to put everything. It ended up in the living room.


And there were more boxes in the room than this. I had started to unpack when I remembered to take a picture.

As the movers were finishing up, we watched a thunderstorm develop. It seemed to be stuck just north of our house. It actually caused a flash flood in that area of town. We did get rain.


The next morning, the Spousal Unit and I had our coffee on the front porch. Elliott was happy to join us as we enjoyed the cool morning that was full of sunshine and blue skies.


He wasn’t the happiest cat in the world as he spent 8 hours in his carrier on moving day. His idea of Canada celebrations on July 1 was to be under our feet and stressed. When not under our feet he was sleeping with Jill.


Or on the bed with me.


His favourite retaliation activity is to meow from 2:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. keeping us from sleeping in. Who really cared as the air conditioner died during the night and we were hot.

July 2, we had to lock Elliott in the bathroom as we had the guys in to install the new furnance and a/c, the guys in to clean the ducts, and the lady in to install our internet and TV. The house got hotter and hotter and we had two fans running to keep us “cool”. We certainly didn’t get cool until morning.


Elliott decided to sleep with me and that was fun. I was hot and tired as I had cleaned the kitchen and started to unpack the kitchen items. The house was 29C or 84F by the end of the day.

Yesterday, we got the new air conditioner running. The house was, once again, at 29C or 84F. It took all night to cool the house down. I continued to unpack and the kitchen has all the cupboards packed and the guest room is done.


The room is small but it looks cozy.


Today was another cleaning day. I spent three hours cleaning the blinds on the kitchen window. It was dirty and greasy and yucky job. They look gorgeous and white now. At noon Daughter and Son-in-Law came for the fridge, stove and washing machine. I spent part of the afternoon cleaning up those spaces in preparation for the new appliances that arrive on Tuesday. 


We do like our new house very much and I am trying to unpack quickly. We have some renovations to do in the rental suite prior to scrubbing and painting. If we are unpacked up here, I can focus on getting downstairs ready to rent. Life will be busy for us but we are looking forward to it.

Until Monday as I am unpacking tomorrow all day long. I will start unpacking our bedroom.


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Welcome back! I missed reading about your adventures, so all is well now. :-)

  2. Nice to read your blog again. Lots of work in moving for sure. Love those pics of Elliott. I am sure his fir was ruffled when he had to stay in his cage. It is good that you have the AC working with all the heat. Take care and don't work too much. Glad that you are happy with your new house.