Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Had Rain

Yesterday was a cooler day and it only got to 28.8C or 84F. It was smoky in the morning and quite humid. But, the wind came up and it rained. Quite a refreshing rain.


Yes, that is rain on the windshield. This morning, it is the usual a.m. temperature and cloudy but we have great visibility. The air smells fresh again.


It was another busy day at our house. I was suppose to get more done but it didn't happen. Other things took longer than anticipated.

I started the morning out cleaning the blinds on the living room window. I had a disaster.


I had all the slats washed and when I went to pull them up to wash the window, the whole thing came crashing down onto the floor. Slats went flying everywhere. I was annoyed to say the least. Once I got them all back into their right places and pulled up I got the window washed. 

As soon as that job was done, some of the living room furniture got delivered. The two young guys were awesome. They put the felt pads on the feet of the loveseat for us. Everything was handled with care. One of the motors for the recliner wasn't working and one young fellow worked on it until he got it to work. A loose connection. After they left, the Spousal Unit had to try it out.


He wondered if the TV could be mounted on the ceiling.

Shortly after the furniture was delivered another young fellow arrived to buy the treadle sewing machine I had to sell. He helped the Spousal Unit shorten the belt, I got it running and off they went. He was so happy to have this machine for his girl friend. They are collecting antiques.

Next on the list was to return the damaged BBQ and get the new one. The big box store also gave us a gift certificate which we will use to buy the rotisserie.

When we got home, I washed the second small blind and when I pulled it up, some of the slats started to come out. That was quickly fixed and the window was washed. Only the big one left to go on that window. The last window to clean is the sewing room.

We went out for dinner with Daughter and Son-in-Law last night and then did a bit of shopping. We got home, sat outside to enjoy the cool air, watched some TV and went to bed. When we talked about how tired we have been, we realized we have been rushing around packing, moving, unpacking, and dealing with the hot weather. We have had a case of heat exhaustion. We did slow our pace some the last two days.

I have been steadily copying recipes and the pile is getting smaller. I am enjoying the purging of the recipes I have collected over the years. Many I never used. I am keeping some that I may never cook again but they give me joy to read them.

Today, I plan on washing the last blind in the living room prior to us going for a drive. We are getting some tools for our son. We may go up and get a large offset umbrella for the back yard and see if we can find a small shelf to put between the washer and dryer. We are thinking today will be more of a rest day.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Hmmmnnnn... might there be a little competition between you and your spouse for the recliner? Looks awfully comfortable! :-))