Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sorting the Packed Boxes

Yesterday was cooler by about 4C. Our high was 34.2C or 93.6F. There was some wind but the smoke was very thick. You could barely see the hills to the south and west of us. We could smell it and our eyes burned from it. It seems as if the wind is bringing more smoke in and not out of the city.


We spent a lot of time in the morning fighting with the fridge. It needed the front piece put on the bottom and levelled. Then it was a big go around with the ice makers. No ice but then again you have to read the book and learn how to turn it on. We are getting some ice now. The container in the freezer holds about 12 pounds of ice and we are not sure about how much is made for the dispenser.

Next on the agenda was to get the two boxes of fabrics into the sewing room and under the sewing machine cabinet. I then had to tear open a box that has my cookbooks in it. It is a small box that holds what I kept from my big purge two years ago. A couple are vintage, one is by Alton Brown, two by Pioneer Woman, some for eating as a diabetic and then a mish mash of books that I need to condense.

I started to condense those recipes in the afternoon. From a small binder, I threw the vast majority of the recipes out. I started copying the remaining ones to put into a new binder. 

We then decided to arrange the boxes according to room against one wall as some of the furniture will arrive today.


I am guessing that I am about 50% unpacked. I am still purging as I unpack and am spending a lot of time organizing. The living room does look large and empty now.


Today, the goal is to get our new BBQ, sort cleaning supplies, work on the treadle sewing machine, and wait for our furniture. A busy day but not as busy as it has been.

Until tomorrow……………………………….

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  1. 32F and lots of smoke here in Edmonton. We do need rain. I think sometimes those packing boxes multiply when one is not looking.Jill looks quite at home now.