Friday, July 10, 2015

Slowly But Surely

It was another hot one for us yesterday. The high was 38.6C or 101.5F. That is slightly warmer than the day before. The conditions today are “smoky” and a bit cooler. There are thunderstorms in the forecast for the next five days and hopefully there will be rain. With so many fires burning in the province, there is little need for more fires caused by lightening.


The morning started out with laundry prior to me heading out for a hair appointment, to get banker boxes, and visit the bank. I left home at 9:30 a.m. and was back in the house around 11:30 a.m.

One medium and 2.5 small boxes got emptied yesterday. The garment fabric box was emptied out and the fabric put into banker’s boxes which will be labelled Bottom weight and Jacket fabric. I then tackled the boxes that had yarn in them.


The yarn was sorted as packed and was put into the fabric boxes as unpacked. One of the boxes houses my knitting books except for two binders and the case of interchangeable needles.


I will be knitting socks until the cows come home. The goal is to get another one of these units with 6 openings in it and put it on top of the 9. That way I can put sewing books and some other items in it.


The empty boxes are ready to go out to the shed. The half box has knick knacks for the sewing room in it and they will go on top of the white unit when I am done unpacking.

The Spousal Unit got the dishwasher installed. I was on call to help him out. That was lifting the dishwasher so he could get wires and hoses in the right place.


He did well until he ripped his hand open on a screw.


The dishwasher was run last night and I did some cleaning up in the kitchen. All the kitchen appliances are in and now I need to work on tidying up the space. 

Today is more unpacking and working on a treadle sewing machine. We have to sort and restack boxes as some of the living room furniture will be arriving tomorrow. We are getting there slowly but surely. Some days it feels more slowly than surely.

Until tomorrow……………………

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