Monday, July 27, 2015

Second Room Started

Yesterday was another cool day. It actually showered which was nice for everyone including the marathon runners. It kept the temperatures down in the cool range. It certainly didn’t get too hot as we only got to 20.4C or 68.7F. Up on one of the main highways about 15 miles from the city, there was a heavy rain and hail storm leaving the road slippery. There were some accidents as a result of that storm.


We had a very busy day and both of us felt good and tired when we stopped at 3:30 p.m. After shopping in the morning, I primed the sewing room closet.


Now I need to decide on the colour. While I did that, the Spousal Unit cut the tape for mudding the wall he finished boarding yesterday. He also did a bit of sanding where he had mudded yesterday. A good start to the work day.

After lunch we both headed downstairs to work. After taking down the shelf in the closet, I worked in the second bedroom sanding the Halloween orange walls.


Yes, the closet is painted orange along with one wall.


As I finished the sanding, sweeping, and vacuuming, the Spousal Unit finished his mudding and filled in the holes in the closet and on the orange wall.


I showed the picture of my cookbooks to someone and they had a chuckle at how few I have.


One smoking meat book is missing as we are using to it prep for smoking pork ribs.

Today I am scrubbing the walls in the second bedroom. If all goes well, I will prime the orange walls and the baseboards and mouldings. I know that the orange walls will need 2 coats of primer. There should be time for me to go purchase both ceiling and wall paint in the afternoon. I am hoping to get the paint for the sewing room closet also.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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