Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scrub A Dub Dub

It was a beautiful day yesterday. It did get to 29.8C or 85.6F but then cooled off with a couple of brief showers that didn’t give us enough moisture to wet the ground. This morning was a cool 15C or 59F. It is nice to have this cooler weather after such a long spell of hot.


Yesterday was “I had enough” day. I have been fussing and fuming about how dirty the house is and that I am suffering looking at it while I put our items away. I decided to bite the bullet and move forward and start washing walls.

First I attacked three walls in the dining room. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Those walls are a shade lighter. The floor was swept and mopped.


I also washed another shorter wall across from the table. Then we tackled one of the lights ~ the one over the sink area.


It is the furthest one and you can see the difference. Two bulbs had to be replaced, the shade degreased, and everything else washed well. I know the dust in this house is triggering my allergies.

After lunch and a break, I tackled one room in the basement while the Spousal Unit made the storage shelf in the laundry room.


Equally as dirty and even dustier. I have half of the room scrubbed. The red wall is next on the list to scrub. It will be be sanded and primed and then the whole room will be painted one colour.


When done what I had planned, I was sore and aching so it was time to stop.

Sewing Room

My new sewing room has been bothering me. I feel like I have too much stuff in there and looking at it isn’t bringing me joy. I need to do something about it or I will be fussing until I figure it out.

Daughter sent me this picture of how she wants to organize the closet in her sewing room. I thought it was really cute.


I went to Pinterest to find ideas for my sewing room and I skimmed through many pictures until I found this one.


Though I have more in the sewing room right now than is necessary, I was heading towards the “typical” layout. Now I am looking at the revised layout. We will do the following:

  • Put open and adjustable shelving in the closet. The doors will be removed and when we go to sell the house, we will put on new doors.
  • I am hoping that the sewing cabinet will fit where it is in the picture and not cover the heat vent.
  • A book shelf will go in and it will house the TV and the components for the TV and Wi-Fi. All my books and baskets can go on the shelves.
  • The cutting table and ironing board will fit in those spaces. I can put down the leaves on the table when I don’t need it. Having baskets with my ironing needs on the books shelf will be perfect.

I have to say that I love the look of this room. It is minimal and should be easy to keep clean. I have homes for few pieces that are in that room which I don’t need.

Today I am going to wash more walls. The living room upstairs and finish the room downstairs. I will paint downstairs as I finish each room but won’t do upstairs until later on. I have too many boxes to unpack to start painting. We also want to have the downstairs unit ready to rent in 6 weeks. A tough time line but a necessary one.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. The traditional layout is neat, but with the revised layout you can watch TV from the sewing cabinet without turning your head! Either way, it looks like a great space!