Thursday, July 16, 2015

Priming Stalled

Yesterday was a normal day temperature wise. The low was a balmy 14.5C or 85.5F and the high was 29.7C or 58F. It did rain during the night and I opened the windows to cool the house off. We slept wonderfully with the cool air coming in.


Yesterday morning, I worked some more on our lifestyle. It hasn’t changed much but I did add another sentence.

To live in a home that is warm and cosy yet open and welcoming. Our home needs to have a western/lodge feel to it that lets us enjoy our western heritage and allow us to relax after doing the busy things in our day. The look is to be casual but smart so we can enjoy ourselves but be prepared to entertain friends and family when they visit.

I have been asking the why question about each sentence and it has been rewarding to know that we want a specific look that is really a part of lives and that we can do it here in this house.

The other part I have realized is that I am a collector of items to organize my life. Though we did the big purge and have been thrilled with that, we need to purge deeper to have only the items which will bring us joy. We will need to have some storage items but I am hoping that I can let go of some that I bought.

These thoughts rolled around in my head as I cleaned out our small dresser. Yes, it is clean and tidy. Even the Spousal Unit’s drawer is done and I didn’t toss any of his belongings.

I had my yearly appointment with the respiratory therapist and all is going well. She did bump the pressure on my CPAP machine up a bit as the data showed I was having tiny issues during the night. Once home, the Spousal Unit and I went to get some supplies and paint chips right after lunch.

I stalled in the afternoon. Not that I wanted to. The gas guys came to put in the line for the BBQ and the UV light on the furnace. Then I spent quite a bit of time on the phone to get a few things sorted out with our internet and TV provider. In the end, I didn’t get the red wall primed.

bedroom idea

I love this idea for our bedroom. Right now, it is a monochromatic scheme in which Elliott blends in well. I am thinking duvet cover for our quilt, pleated box spring cover and a couple of shams. I don’t need the exact colour shown. But I want to throw in a bit of cranberry to make me happy. The blue and green fabric I bought for that room is out and I will make something out of it for a craft sale.

Today, we are heading out to shop and then I will prime that red wall in the basement. I need to clean out the sewing room closet and sand it ready to paint. Mid grey is playing in my mind.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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