Sunday, July 19, 2015

Painting The Day Away

It was a glorious day though you did feel the heat in the afternoon. It got to 31.8C or 89.2F. There is less clouds today than yesterday and we are warming up quickly this morning.


It was a busy day in our household. I painted the rest of the trim in the room prior to lunch and was hungry when I got done. After a short break to refuel, we canned apricots that were in the canner while we ate lunch. Though small, they look great.


The Spousal Unit will help the people down the road to prune the tree and thin the apricots next year so they will be larger in size. They were delicious to eat though.

After lunch, I started to paint the room’s walls. I got exactly one done and this morning I see I have some thin spots. It needs to be repainted prior to moving on to the next wall.


We had to go out and when we finally were finished for the day, I felt like Elliott………….


We have talked about the paint colour upstairs. I finally put a chart of colours down and said which two do you like. Interestingly enough, the same two I liked.


I will buy two white sheets of poster board and a litre of each and paint them and tape both on the wall to review. If we like both, I will do the closets in one colour and the walls in the other.

Today, the goal is to paint and do laundry. I want to get as much of the room done as possible. It is a lot of work but I am liking how it is turning out. So much fresher than before. I didn’t realize how much work it is and am running behind.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

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  1. Your house is going to look so nice with the new paint colors. Those apricots look great. Mr. Elliott looks so comfortable.