Thursday, July 30, 2015

OCD, Stubborn, and Determined

Yesterday was the start of our 30+C weather. It got to 31.7C or 89F. The mornings are cool 16C or 60F which is nice. We can open the house up, cool it off and the a/c doesn’t run until noonish in the hot weather. Today it is suppose to be hotter.


Donna, I really have become OCD, stubborn, and determined to get the basement ready to rent by Sept. 1. So much so, I don’t sleep well and am tired most evenings. It is a cycle I am going through right now and I will calm down when the downstairs kitchen is done. The walls in that room are lime green. I think the bright colours are jarring my nerves as I like calmer colours and knowing I have to put two coats of primer takes lots of time.


The second thing that has been upsetting me was our house was still listed for sale for almost a month after we bought it. The listing real estate agent didn’t deal very well with my request to have the listing removed. She was almost confrontational about having to take the listing down off the internet.


The orange walls got the second coat of primer on them. I was about 90 minutes doing the job including clean up. They look so much better in my mind.


The ceilings by the door and closet got painted in the afternoon, another 90 minute job and they look good. I have a couple of ceiling tiles to touch up. Another job done in that room. Yes! Moving forward.

I worked in the laundry room and cleaned it up a bunch. I was tired of things in boxes and a storage unit sitting empty. I put in two shelves and will put in a third one later on. On that shelf will go a tub with all the cleaning rags in it.


I have one more box to unpack and the cleaning supplies are done. I am going to use up the supplies I have and then buy only those I love. I got carried away trying out products in the other house.

We had to go out and get more supplies in the afternoon. We are using them up faster than you can imagine. We got all of it at one store and stopped in at another store to get paint chips for the upstairs, especially the sewing room. Ended up with a kitchen colour on top of it all. Interesting concept as I am the lady who wants neutral. When I started the Marie Kondo book, I wrote what I wanted:

To live in a home that is warm and cosy yet open and welcoming. Our home needs to have a western/lodge rustic feel to it that lets us enjoy our western heritage and allow us to relax after doing the busy things in our day. The look is to be casual comfortable but smart so we can enjoy ourselves but be prepared to entertain friends and family when they visit.

When I explained this to the lady who helped us with the paint colours, she got to work on colours. What she gave us were these colours. A pretty good match with our dishes and the African Plains colour will be in a small area only.


The first two colours will be the main colours upstairs. The living room accent is a darker taupe colour on the bottom right hand corner.


The sewing room will be one colour with the white trim but I will add red accents to it. I have a few ideas for that up my sleeve. Also, my first 5k shirt can be hung up in that room as it is red. Ideas are now flowing in my head which is good.

Today I will spend most of the day painting the downstairs room. The main colour will be put on the walls. I am sure that is the only job that will get done as it is a big room.

Until tomorrow…………………

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