Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not An Easy Job

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Lots of sunshine as the next warm/hot spell comes into our area. The high got to 29.4C or 85F. We are suppose to get as warm today and warmer for the rest of the week.


We started out the morning working the in the basement. The Spousal Unit did a bit of mudding and started to haul demo material out of the basement. He suddenly quit with a headache. It was gone by noon which was good but it left him feeling tired.

I primed the orange walls and some of the baseboards. I have a longer handle for the roller and it saves me countless trips up and down the ladder which saves my knees. I did all the cut in and then rolled.



The orange is still glowing through and a second coat of primer is needed. The cut in looks good so will check it out for some thin spots. I was finished just before lunch.

After lunch, I thought I would clean the smoker. An easy job, I thought. I can prime mid afternoon, I thought. The job took until 4:30 and I was exhausted from scrubbing. That easy job was a marathon cleaning spree. I had to use this degreaser to get the smoker clean.


This stuff works and I use it a lot. For the smoker, I sprayed, soaked, wiped and repeated many times and the results were great. There is a band around the heater that didn’t come completely clean but it is about 80% clean/shiny.

After the smoker was degreased, it was completely rinsed and wiped dry.


There is a reflection in there.


And because it is so clean and shiny, I broke out the cover and put it over the smoker.


Daughter-in-law said I can do theirs when I am over at the end of September. I will take that as a compliment. If the weather is nice when I am over there, I might just do it for her.

Today, I will prime the orange walls a second coat in the morning and then paint the ceiling in the afternoon. I really don’t have any “easy” projects to do today other than sweep and mop some floors between painting.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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  1. I really have to ask......where do you get the energy for all that work? I know you have a goal here but still......i do admire your determination in getting it done.