Friday, July 24, 2015

Moving Slowly

Yesterday was a 28.2C or 83F day. Though it was quite clear in the morning, the storm clouds built up to the south of us and kept rolling on by. Today is suppose to be cooler as will the next two days. Not unusual at this of the year to see cooler weather or a good rain storm.


Yesterday morning I moved slowly. I had muscles that ached and were sore from scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. It wasn’t just arms and shoulders but back and butt.

We moved some furniture into the room I just painted. I cleaned them up so they can be used in the suite. One piece was mother-in-law’s treadle sewing machine. It will make a great TV stand. The other piece is an old corner desk.

I had hoped that I could clean a mini blind standing on the floor but that didn’t happen. I actually had to hang it and climb a ladder to clean it. It is done and ready to be shortened. The window is rewashed as is the floor. I shut the door to say it is done.

I got my dose of dust as I sanded the sewing room closet. After I cleaned it up, the cutting in of the primer got done.


The walls and the ceiling can now have the primer rolled on it. When I finished that job, I hobbled out of the room, cleaned up, and called it a day. I was exhausted and ever so sore. I was letting the world know about it also.

The Spousal Unit got the materials to fix a wall in the suite. We had to haul it all downstairs and most of it was easy. Not the drywall boards. They seem to get heavier every time I have to handle them.


Elliott decided to sleep with his head on the end table last night. I almost joined him. The Spousal Unit did.


Today, I am not sure how much work will get done other than priming the walls of the closet. It may end up being a day of getting out to the stores and looking for things we need to buy. Like paint and a light for the room I just finished. And maybe unpack a few items that are lounging around waiting to be dealt with. We are going out for supper as it is the Spousal Unit’s 70th birthday.

Until tomorrow………………………….


  1. Happy Birthday to your man! Enjoy your meal out and relax. You both need a break. Looks like Elliott has found a comfy position for a nap.

  2. Why do you refer to him as the Spousal Unit??? Happy birthday to him!