Monday, July 06, 2015

More UnPacking

We continue to have hot weather though it is in the low 30C or about 88F. There are several fires around and the sky is hazy with smoke. The mornings are cool which is a relief. It seems as if it is going to get hotter for the next several days.


We are still unpacking. A couple of weeks and I hope the house will be unpacked though I would love it to be done sooner rather than later.

Yesterday I washed the guest room floor and then tackled the master bedroom. I wiped down baseboards, washed the blinds and window and unpacked what is to go in that room.


The room has no colour as of now. Everything blends into each other other than the furniture. All the pieces belonged to my maternal grandmother.


I will add colour once I get back to sewing.


I had a bit of fun folding the plastic grocery bags we get when shopping. We use these bags for a lot of things and they take up a lot of space. Someone posted the folds are Samosa Folding.


They will take very little room and I will keep them in a container in the laundry room. They are so cool looking. Not perfect but cool.

I had a 90 minute nap this afternoon. I covered myself up with a blanket on the bed, Elliott snuggled up with me under the blanket, whapped me with his tail and we both fell asleep. I really did need that nap as I was nearing exhaustion. The Spousal Unit dozed at the kitchen table.

Today I have to clean up where the washer was and then start unpacking the sewing room. There will be more purging as I have more than I can put in that room. Now it will be “Will it bring me joy?” as I unpack. Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. Your unpacking is coming along nicely. Elliott blends right in with the bedroom colors. I know you are enjoying your AC on these hot days.