Monday, July 20, 2015

More Painting!

It was a warm one yesterday. It got to 37.2C or 99F. You could feel the heat when you went out and the intensity was such that you could get a good storm with it. And that did happen. I woke to a clap of thunder but someone got some great pictures of the storm. There was no rain unfortunately.



This morning was a warm 19C or 66F so we can expect another warm one today. The a/c is running already this morning (6:30 a.m.)


We started slow yesterday as we needed that. But once we got going, we were busy. I redid the first wall I painted and it is much better. I went on to paint the remaining walls and the closet. A lot of work and it took me all day with only two breaks and lunch.

The Spousal Unit worked in the carport while it was cool and has the BBQ and smoker set up. We had a discussion about that and I do like the way he arranged it. When it got hot, he got out his cutting tool and cut the wall down on the end of the living room in the basement. It created so much dust and heat the smoke detector went off twice. Door was opened and a fan was run. That job is done and the mess can go out. He has to insulate the wall and put up new gyproc. Good hot weather job as the basement is cool.

We spent an hour talking to our grandson last night. They went camping in northern Saskatchewan with her parents. The Dude caught the first and largest fish of the trip on the lake they camped at.


They also went geocaching in the rain and found about 40 caches. In all a successful weekend in his mind.

Today, is another painting day. I have to do some painting on the walls I painted yesterday and paint the ceiling and doors. Three different paint types and two paint brushes. I will get it done. Once that is done, I just have the floors to scrub, window to wash, and mini blind to clean. Shut the door and call it ready. I would also like to get some house work done upstairs. I will have to fit it in while the paint brushes dry.

Until tomorrow………………………

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  1. Awesome pics of the lightening! You sure are keeping busy. You will soon have to start