Wednesday, July 08, 2015

More Done In the Sewing Room

It was warm yesterday with a high of 35.5C or 96F. We are to continue getting these temperatures until Monday when they are forecasting showers. We, once again, wait and see if it does happen.


Yesterday morning brought a quietness that only comes when two people, a cat, and a dog are in the house. We had no one working on what ever in the house. We needed the quietness as we were tired and stressed from the frenzy of moving, having to have work done, and unpacking.

I spent a lot of the day working in the sewing room. It was a case of opening the closet door and putting things in there that were in my way. Then came the job of putting the sewing machine cabinet in its proper place. It took two tries and several pondering sessions to make the decision. Can’t cover cold air returns or heat registers.


The cutting table will go on the wall beside the cabinet. I dealt with two containers of sewing items and put them away. Next on the list is to remove the dresser as it doesn’t fit and buy more storage but more on that later. I have to paint the closet and room first before we can do storage. I am leaning towards a pale gray and sew accents of red in that room.

The Spousal Unit decided to put together his BBQ. When he opened the box, the unit was damaged by a fork lift. When he called the big box store the customer service was horrid. We went to the store and got the same horrid customer service. It was only when we asked for the manager did we get results. Instead of three weeks we should have a new one in 5 days or less. I did tweet this and there has been a message from them but no follow up though they say they are working on it.

The new appliances arrived mid afternoon and they are all in excellent condition. Only the washer is hooked up but the fridge and dishwasher will be done today.


A bit of moving around, cleaning up and items put away and we will have a minimalist looking laundry room.

Terry, we moved from Ashcroft 90 km east to Kamloops. It was time to move on to our next adventure.


With the set up comes the thoughts of sewing. To satisfy that, I was reading sewing blogs yesterday morning and came across Mainely Dad's blog. It was a great read and I will be reading it again when I start sewing the Spousal Unit some new shirts.

I am green with envy as people are sewing but I must be patient. I need to paint the closet in the sewing room, have an organizer put in and then unpack all the fabric into banker’s boxes, label and put on the shelves. It is only then that I can start to think about sewing a bit every day.

Today I am going to use my new washer, continue working in the sewing room and, if I am lucky, get the paint for the closet. While doing that, we will need to get a few other small items also.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. Soon you will be able to sew! Looking forward to seeing your new set-up.