Saturday, July 25, 2015

Keeping What We Need - Office Supplies

Yesterday the weather was cool. So cool the air conditioning didn’t come on until later in the afternoon. Today is to be equally as cool. 


The Spousal Unit thanks you for the birthday wishes. Ruthie, I call him that as it was a handle I came up with years ago. His name is Dave. His handle for me is the Bag Lady. Part of our sense of humour.

I haven’t read much on the Marie Kondo method of tidying over the past week as I have been quite tired at night. I also haven’t found all our jackets and my running gear that is packed in a variety of boxes. I stalled on clothes though I do think most, if not all, is to be kept.

That didn’t stop me when I decided to tackle the tubs of office items. Some of the items are emotional to me and I seemingly become more emotionally attached to them as start of school gets nearer.


I have, over time, collected school items and those items worked well with my literacy job. When the ads include school supply sales come out this past week, I had a huge emotional tug towards wanting to purchase more of those items. I had a mental talk with myself about school supplies, not doing literacy or tutoring and that I won’t be going there again. It was a tough love talk that I actually needed to give myself. It was due; almost past due. I was ready to let go after that mental discussion. It also helped that we don’t have the room to store it all either. That was a part of the mental discussion also.

The first tub I worked on was testimony to how much I had on hand that I no longer needed. As I stared into that long tub, I reflected on what I needed for:

  • Office
  • Sewing
  • Knitting

I sorted quickly. Trash, donate, keep. I thanked those items that went into the first two piles. I am happy with the items I kept. The next tub was the same and again, I sorted quickly. The third and fourth tubs were quick also. I then did a cloth bag I use as my purse when we fly to our son’s.


That garbage bag weighed between 5-8 pounds when it went out to the garbage can. When all was sorted out, I decided to use the antique server as our office center.


A picture when completed but not in its right home. The tub on the floor belongs in the sewing room when I have the Wi-Fi station set up on the shelving unit.

Below are all the pens and pencils we own. Don’t ask me how it got to that number as I really can’t tell you why. All I focused on was “We won’t be buying any for a long time”.


Also, I can say that we won’t be buying office supplies for a long time either. The drawer with books and paper are done and I have enough for in there for several years. I put twice as much as that into the donate pile.


The bottom two drawers house phone and geocaching books, what I keep for the accountant, passports and a few other small items we need. Behind the door is word puzzle books, photocopy paper, and the medical papers the Spousal Unit needs. A little secret ~ the office stuff was stored in a desk and part of the cabinet in the family room in our other house. That antique server had its own life holding a multitude of stuff we did not need.

In all it was a good early morning sort. The donate pile is now housed in two tubs and will be taken to the thrift store.

When I finished admiring what I got done, I headed into the sewing room and painted the closet ceiling two coats of white paint. It actually took longer to clean up than it did to paint the ceiling. It looks great.

I set up the Bullet Journal and have made progress in it. I had to watch the video on the site to get it started. I added a page called renovations costs for this house. On the Future Log pages, I have added dates of importance so we know at a glance what is happening each month. It isn’t a “write my thoughts journal”, it is a journal to keep track of our lives and what we are doing each month. I will keep track of the things we do daily in the house -- unpacking, renovations, sewing, knitting, etc. I want this to be a quick and easy thing to do on a daily basis. I am also giving it a trial run until the end of December.

We had dinner out at a small restaurant in a community that the Spousal Unit’s grandfather named after the community the family had lived in for many years (Rayleigh). The food was fabulous and we spent some time talking to the owner after we had eaten. A great way to end the day.

Today, we get fibre optics put in the house for higher speed internet. Then, it will be priming the closet and shopping. It is suppose to be a quieter day for us prior to working in the basement suite again tomorrow.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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