Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hurry Up and Wait Day With A Trip Down Memory Lane

It was a cool day yesterday with a high of 26.2C or 79F. It rained during the day, not as much in our part of town as it did further west of us. The wind blew hard last night and it brought in more rain. This morning is cool which is nice. Today is suppose to be our last cool wet day for a while.


It was a hurry up and wait day for me. I had been told our fibre optic line would be installed between 8 and 9 a.m. so I was ready for the technician to arrive. When I called at 10 a.m. to say not to cancel our copper internet connection, I was told that the technician would be working on our line between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and to keep my phone line open. For this inconvenience, the telephone/internet/TV company is giving us a credit on our bill.

So while I waited, I did a lot of little jobs. We got the new TV out of the box and set up so the technician could program it for us. Being a smart TV, it is a lot smarter than we are.

Next, I paid bills and cleaned up that pile of paper work. I then got out my mom’s old cookbook that she started collecting recipes in prior to her marrying dad in 1945. That poor recipe book has been through a lot. It is literally falling apart. The page are brittle, the writing has started to fade, and the recipes………some are old, others are terrific, and some tell a great story of family and friends who shared recipes back in the day. I remember it as a small child watching mom cook dinner, at the fishing camp they owned when I was a teenager and as an adult when I copied our favourites from it. Even Daughter has recipes from that book.

I did a trip down memory lane with that old cookbook. I read every one of those recipes, marked the ones I wanted to copy and had a few good laughs. Some of the small pieces of paper tucked in the book made me sad as I looked at mom’s writing when she was in the first stages of Alzheimer's. As I back tracked through the book referencing recipes to those I had already copied, I had three left to copy into my book. That job done, I thanked the book for it usefulness in mom’s life and the recipes that I loved as a child.

Though some of the recipes I copied will never be made again, I will look at them and remember my parents and the good times we had eating those foods. I call them comfort recipes. One in particular was a tapioca recipe for a dessert. It called for the eggs to be separated and orange rind was added with orange slices garnishing the top. As a family, we thought that was a pretty fancy dessert. I thought the recipe was on a slip of paper and had gotten lost. I was thrilled to find it copied in the book. It is a comfort recipe that may never get made again but I have it to remind me of those dinners when mom made it and how we loved it.

Once that job was done, I hauled out my recipe books and put them away in the cupboard designated for them. It took a while as I had to find a book end in a box. The number of cookbooks I own is relatively small. But each one brings me joy. I do use them though I tend to look for recipes online. The two cookbooks on smoking meat we have out quite often as we talk to Son and Daughter-in-Law about recipes in them.

I fussed after that as I couldn’t paint, I couldn’t go shopping, I couldn’t do a lot of what needed to be done. I was waiting and I hate waiting with nothing to do. Mid afternoon the technician arrived and life got busy helping him. The copper internet line was removed and the fibre optics line put in. We now have two new pieces of equipment added to what we already had in the sewing room. We have high speed (5G) internet which is wonderful. We had TV’s blaring upstairs and downstairs. By 4:30 p.m., we were done. The smart TV is set up and I need to read the book on what to do to get the internet on the screen. We can get YouTube at this point.

In the midst of the hurry up and wait day, the Spousal Unit got the drywall on the wall in the suite. Though only a dull off white, it made a huge difference as to the brightness of that area. He will have it done by next weekend and ready for priming. A job well done.

Today, we have to do some shopping and then I will prime the closet and start work in the next room in the suite. That means step one: sanding the walls that are painted Halloween orange. I need to be busy today as I got bored yesterday.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. Our smart TV has already outsmarted even DH several times. I think he's got it whipped into shape finally. Love those orange wall, by the way. Are you painting over that? *cries*