Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Room Is Done ~ Almost

Yesterday was cooler with a high of 27.6C or 81.7F. You could actually sit outside and enjoy the weather. Yesterday morning was cool at 12.5C or 55F. Where the weather was to get warmer (mid 30C or 90F), we are to get cooler, damper weather for the next few days. That will help the fire fighters if the wind remains calm.


Early yesterday morning, there was a knock on the door and the neighbour needed help starting her car. While the Spousal Unit was helping her, there was another knock on the door and our new (free) TV arrived. It was a busy morning before 8:30 a.m.


And, yes, those are unpacked boxes.

Shortly after breakfast I went to that room and started the touch up painting. It went well. I then cleaned the room out and started washing the floor. On my hands and knees. It was an interesting clean. My paint came off easily but the previous paint was tough to take off. Then there was gobs of wax on the floor that needed scraping. Red paint along the edge mixed with dirt. Yuck! And orange paint from the room I am doing next. Three buckets of water later and it was done.


The windows were scrubbed clean inside and out as was the screen. Much better to look through and see the backyard.


The ceiling still needs some work done to it. There is an issue with the ceiling light that we need to address. Well, the Spousal Unit does as that is his department. A few ceiling tiles also need to be replaced.


Other than cleaning and fixing the mini blinds, my job is complete in that room. Hurrah! Hurrah! On to the next room.

I finished up the day sweeping the upstairs' floors. I was tired and aching from all the floor work I had done.

Sewing Room

I looked in the sewing room yesterday and I need to spend a day in there.


Today was suppose to be rest day but that will be tomorrow. My goal today is to sand the sewing room closet, prime it, get the paint, and put on the first coat of paint. Once the second coat of paint is on, the Spousal Unit can put up the closet organizer and I can do some more unpacking. It means more purging as I want to have as few pieces in this room as possible.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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