Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Door Handles and A Missing Part

Yesterday was a bit cooler with more clouds but less wind. The high got to 28.3C or 83F. This morning is cool and damp. We had a light showers this morning with a temperature of 14.5C or 58F at 6 a.m..


We have been following the weather in Alberta, our neighbouring province. Some areas have had severe drought conditions. And then rain and hail. It seems as if the Edmonton area had quite a storm last night. Hopefully enough rain so fires won’t start.

The three big fires in our area should be quiet if the cool and damp weather hit their areas. The two in the Okanogan area are the worst right now. The one in Ashcroft area is now 20% contained which is a start.

The room in the basement did not get finished. There is a bit of touch up painting needing to happen and then the floors can be scrubbed. We are getting so close to the finish line.

After doing the ceiling , we headed out to shop. It was a meat run to Costco. We got home at noon, put away the groceries and meat and had lunch. Then it was downstairs to put the second of paint on the ceiling. It went on easy.


When we went to put the door handles on the closet, the Spousal Unit said the door knobs we bought in the morning didn’t come with a specific part. We headed out to the big box hardware store we always shop at to get door knobs with that specific part included. We got door knobs and repair kits and headed home. While setting up to do the door knobs, said missing piece was on the floor. We put the door knobs on that we bought in the morning and will return the others today. Though frustrating, we had a good laugh. What else could you do.


The room feels warm and fresh and anyone can live in it. To get this point, I have learned a few things.

  • Plan your steps more carefully rather than rushing in.
  • Sand any walls first then wash all the walls.
  • Paint the ceilings and trim before the walls.
  • Have a good light to help you see thin spots. Be prepared to paint walls twice.

I have to say I am more prepared for the second bedroom.

Today, the room gets finished and I will clean upstairs. I need a day off prior to starting the next room.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. I find it so very interesting to hear about the strange weather patterns that you have been experiencing. Until reading this post of yours I had no idea that the weather there could very so much from one province to another. I would be keeping my eye on the weather of my neighbors the way that you do if the conditions around me locally could be so crazy, and frankly interesting.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware