Monday, July 13, 2015

Cooler Weather

Yesterday was a cooler day, cloudy but not smoky. The high temperature was 27C or 80F. Today has less clouds and lots of sunshine so we anticipate it being warmer.


First thing in the morning, I got the last of the living room blinds and the window washed. I have to say there was lots of dust on them plus other dirt. As I was doing that, we noticed a fire truck pulled up 3 houses down from us. Then two ambulances arrived. We do not know what happened but everyone was looking, including us.


Once that was done, we headed out to the next community north of us to get hand tools for Son. He does a lot of wood work the old fashioned way of which we admire him for doing.


This is a gate he built using only hand tools. He used old techniques to build it.

The community we went to is called Rayleigh after the community of Rayleigh in Essex England. The Spousal Unit’s family lived there prior to immigrating to Canada. They settled in that area and named the community after their home town. They also had the first post office. Today, a restaurant/pub has put the history of the family onto its menu.

Once home, the Spousal Unit worked on the BBQ and I headed out to get a shelving unit for the laundry room. It was quite the hunt but I found one. Once put together, I can sort out the cleaning supplies and put them away.

I did end up helping the Spousal Unit with the BBQ and it is almost done. At one point, Son called it an Easy Bake Oven.


We had a few laughs along the way and a few frustrations. Finding the small parts was quite the process. One person would read the numbers and the other would find the pieces.


Daughter sent us a picture of her cat. He and one of the dogs sleep on one of the chairs they bought us. Only one. She sat in the chair and the cat got in beside her trying to get her to leave. He finally fell asleep beside her.


I have successfully copied the recipes from the books I had set out. Doing 3 to 4 at a time make the jobs quick and easy. I have two more books to go through and then the job will be done.

Sewing Room Blues

I haven’t done much of anything in the sewing room. We can’t find the palm sander so have to get a new one. Plus paint to do the closet. Once that job is done, I can move forward again.

Today, I am going to wash walls in the dining area and then move downstairs to wash walls in one room of the suite. When that is done, I will prime one wall and paint that room. I plan on alternating between upstairs and downstairs from now until we rent the suite out.

Until tomorrow……………………

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