Friday, July 17, 2015

Choosing Paint Colours

The weather yesterday was cool. The warmest it got was 25C or 77F and it started out in the morning at 14C or 57F. The wind was out of the north which helped keep it cool. We start to warm up again today for a few days.


We headed out in the morning to get groceries, look at lights, and pick up paint swatches. It was amazing to only drive less than 15 minutes to shop in comparison to the hour it took us before.

Once home I primed the red wall. It needs a second coat of primer to even out the colour prior to painting all the walls. You can still see red showing through the coat of primer. YUCK!!


I did spend some time playing with the colour swatches. I choose colour combinations and then question myself the next day. Though I love blue, I am a neutral coloured person who uses colours as accents.


So back to the drawing board and spend more time looking at the neutral colours I picked.  It fits more with the statement of how we want to live in our house.

While I bottled up the spices that have been on the counter for nearly two weeks……..


The Spousal Unit put together the coffee table. Actually, he took it out of the box in one piece and I had to help put on the casters.


It is nearly as long as the love seat and yes, the top goes down.


The day ended with the BBQ being hooked up to natural gas. We can BBQ which is exciting. Next, setting up the smoker.

Today the plan is to prime the red wall again and then spend some quality time sanding the sewing room closet and filling holes. It was started yesterday and what a dusty job. Once the primer is dry, I will start painting the baseboards and door trim white. Hopefully the room will be finished by the end of the weekend.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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