Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Before and After In Our Lives

Yesterday was a lovely day with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. From the weather report, it should start warming up again. The high was 28.9C or 84F. The morning was the coolest for a while at 14.6C or 53F


I washed two walls in the living room yesterday. Other than one small area, it was mostly smoky from the previous owners running the wood fireplace. When that was done, I cleaned the last of the blinds. That dusty dirty job is done. All the windows but one are scrubbed on the inside also. We also cleaned the second light in the kitchen. That brought about a discussion of replacing the lights in this house.

The Spousal Unit primed a box that will hold the narrow upright shelving unit between the washer and the dryer in place. It was going to be tippy so he came up with a good idea. He then decided to start the front entrance renovation.






The goal is to rebuild the wall and we will have an enclosed front closet with bifold doors on it. He also has a wall to fix in the basement -- insulation and drywall on it. These two projects will keep him busy for a couple of weeks.

After lunch, I worked in the room in the basement. I decided to sand the red wall and break the surface of the paint prior to washing it. While doing that, I tipped over the bucket of cleaning water. Once cleaned up, I worked until I finished the room. That red wall is ready for priming. I have a bit of filling to do prior to painting the room all in one colour - the colour we did our living/dining room, kitchen and halls - Ancient Fossil.

When I was done, I sat outside and relaxed. I certainly was tired and sore but am happy that job is done.

I bought the book The Life Changing Magic of Cleaning Up by Marie Kondo. I read the first chapter and was impressed at what she wrote was me ~ buying or making organizers to hold everything. It works for a while but then I found that I was still fighting with too much which brought about the purge during the winter and spring. The second chapter has me thinking about what we want our lifestyle to be like. We both have the same thoughts from discussions in our previous home:

To live in a home that is warm and cosy yet open and welcoming. Our home needs to have a western/lodge feel to it that lets us enjoy our western heritage and allow us to relax after doing the busy things in our day.

I am starting a notebook and will be recording ideas in it as I go along. I now need to dig deeper into why prior to starting the process. I feel that as we unpack this can be done.

Today, I have to go to the respiratory therapist for my annual visit. We then are going to buy a few things for the house renovation we must do. I will then prime that red wall. Later this afternoon, the person is coming in to finish up the gas installation for the BBQ and maybe do the outside tap.

Until tomorrow………………

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