Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Room Ready to Prime

Yesterday’s weather was cool until after a small rain. Then it hit a high of 26C or 78.6F. The storms have been around us causing my joints to ache like crazy. Though it is suppose to be warmer today, we will have those storms around us also. It is cloudy this morning and there has been a small shower gone through.


The walls are washed and the orange walls are ready to be primed. Yes, we are painting over them as this is to be rented out to people and we have been advised to use a neutral paint palette in the suite. What looked like “not too dirty” wasn’t. It took three buckets of soapy water to clean and that didn’t include the floor.

The window in that room had silver tape on it and the Spousal Unit got it off so I could scrub the window. He also put the first coat of mud on the tape in the living room. We finished about the same time; just before lunch.

After lunch we headed out to get painting supplies for this week. We also headed up to get some dishes. Which turned out to be and exploring trip also.

We had an extra piece in the fridge that we didn’t know what to do with. It turns out it holds pop cans and is for the fridge without the water/ice dispenser. Extra piece is now gone as we have the water/ice dispenser.

I had wanted this quilt for our bedroom. I actually hoped it would come in a duvet cover.

bedroom idea

We found it and the tan is not a grey tan but a yellow tan. We walked away from it as it isn’t the colour we wanted. On to the next idea which hasn’t begun to brew.

The last stop was to buy dishes. Our old dishes were over 25 years old. There was an issue with the glazing a couple of years after we bought them but the manufacturer would not recall them. Instead they discontinued the whole line of them. So we looked at a couple of sets I had picked out and chose these from Stokes. 


We can now choose our wall colour - the center of the dishes. I will get the paint swatches and start one shade lighter in the closets.

By the time we got home, we were tired and I was sore. We relaxed until bed time.

Today, the priming will be done - both coats on the orange walls and the baseboards. I may zip 7 minutes down the road to get the paint swatches for the upstairs. I do have to do some house work also. The Spousal Unit has to put another layer of mud on the wall downstairs today.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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