Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A Small Start to the Sewing Room

Yesterday was marginally warmer with the smoky haze hiding the sun. There are several fires in the area causing the haze but we can’t smell any smoke. This morning the smoky haze is worse as there are lots of fires around the province.



In the morning the Spousal Unit and I tackled the laundry room. Daughter had taken the washing machine on Saturday. I swept the floor in that area and then washed it. We moved the dryer as it’s going to the scrap metal pile due to the amount of rust on the inside of the drum. That area got swept and scrubbed. In the end, we removed some very old cupboards that were falling apart and put the upright freezer in that spot. The laundry room looks quite nice now and there is room to put something in that room. That was the good part of the day.

The next job was to start in the sewing room. It is a case of moving items around and around and around. I have too much in that room plus it houses the internet and TV boxes. They have been sitting on the floor since July 2.


I had thought putting them on a table but………..


the table takes up too much room. I was gnashing my teeth over this while I ate lunch. Then I grabbed my grandmother’s end table and we got perfect. 


So, the bigger table was taken apart and taken down to the suite.

By this time we were hot and irritable. In fact, everyone including the crew working on the furnace and gas lines were hot and irritable. The a/c wasn’t on and no one knew why and then the furnace got turned on for its test run and we were so hot it was sickening. We joked if we passed out to just roll us into a corner.

The next item on my list was to get the paper work done for our furnace rebate. That meant finding the information, making a phone call, setting up the printer and getting it done. I now have a printer sitting on the living room floor but it is working wirelessly. Yes!


The poor sewing room really got ignored but we have gas to two fire places, to the kitchen stove area, the dryer in the laundry room, and to the carport for the BBQ, plus the furnace is working. On the down side, we have no one here today to hook up the new stove and dryer. Also the connector to the BBQ needs a part. So, we wait but we can use a few days of quiet.

The animals are settling in now. Jill enjoys the yard and how few stairs she has to climb to get in and out of the house. She is barking at us and prancing around. Elliott is his usual snoopy self and got shut in a cupboard for the night. We now have to watch him for that as he use to do it in the other house when we first put in the new kitchen. The a/c is working once again and we are all comfortable as it is hot outside.


Today, the plan is to work in the sewing room and clean up the kitchen in preparation for the new appliances. I also have to measure the sewing room closet for a shelving unit to be put in over the weekend. I do hope I get more done today than yesterday.

Until tomorrow………………………….


  1. That was a LOT of work and not all of it in the cool of the day. Isn't AC wonderful? We got ours last year, finally. The day lilies are gorgeous. The torts eat up all mine unless they are in a cage to protect them. Lol about your pet getting shut into a cupboard.

  2. Anonymous5:37 PM

    The lilies are lovely. Such a lot of work to get everything how you like it. Are you still in Ashcroft?